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  1. I check the price everyday, i do it in primedice or in stake (!btc) ,a lot easier and convenient
  2. that will be a tough journey ,best of luck and hopefully you reach that target!!
  3. Welcome to forum and Pd. Best of luck!
  4. thanks for sharing bes. will try that on next depo! good looking out! thanks!
  5. well im a little bit new to pd ,but i registered last year ,just havent played much til this past few weeks, anyway Congratulations and loooking forward for more awesome updates/giveaways!
  6. yeah what morros said lol, and this giveaway will only attract multiaccount users and fool ya!
  7. Congrats on that win! Hope you hit more and you probably post this in stake forum rather than here in pd forum. hehe
  8. Great and very helpful idea! Appreciate it! thanks