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  1. anung kaguluhan to pre kaka tangal lang ng ban ng account ko haha
  2. username: Automata thanks mate for the giveaway
  3. coin.ph easy to use and good for paying bills
  4. good work mate hope you will have lots of luck
  5. still on???.... i will try my luck here :P... thanks for the give away
  6. they say set a goal some people say just set a target ..but in reality its very hard to stop while winning or loosing
  7. welcome to primedice forum hope you enjoy your stay and hope you have more luck
  8. is it still on right now ?,,,, i will try to hunt hope can get it.. and thankss for the give away
  9. thanks gwapoman for the give a way.. hope i can hit it
  10. hope this idea will be implemented by the admins here and great idea @bloomy
  11. this is my only account .. is it legal here to create alts ??? just asking thanks
  12. im using it on gambling and paying some bills
  13. username: Automata Date: 17,7,2017 12.10.20
  14. well this is gambling hope you can recover and win nxt time good luck mate