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  1. 1. Roulette - 5 2. Plinko - 6 3. Blackjack - 3 4. Bustabit - 4 5. Baccarat - 1 6. Dice -2 7. Wheel - 7 8. Minesweeper - 8 9. Hi/Lo - 9
  2. I'd be willing to do this for you. I'm pretty mature and I can definitely look after good chatters.
  3. Yay, thanks! Username: Luckeeey https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=532968
  4. I'll change the colors of my favicon when I get home. Favicon (32x32): Ouch, Vladimir you were too fast haha. I was going to change it to those colors but you did it before me. Rip me.
  5. I think Bitcoin, this is because I think that Bitcoin will become even more popular in the next 5 years while Dash is probably going to die out.
  6. Something quick I made up, the color of the chat bubble probably needs to be changed though. http://i.imgur.com/x7R54GD.png
  7. I'm from the country in Europe, Sweden!
  8. I think that you should make a achievement where if you hit a certain number (maybe 77.77) like two times in a row you unlock the achievement. Would be a pretty cool and unique achievement.
  9. Heyo, Luckeeey here! I really think that you should implement a option in Automated Betting to allow people to select pre-made strategies and possibly even make it so that you could create them and share them for the people to use. It would be easy for players to switch between strategies and really easy for them to use them. It would also be nice if you implemented some kind of stop loss/stop win function in automated betting because I know a lot of people want that. - Luckeeey
  10. Luckeeey


    Luckeeey or not so lucky is me! If you have been on Prime Dice since December 24th in 2015 you have probably seen me, eeeyy sup! I'm excited to see how this forum will become and see everyone from Prime Dice on here aswell.
  11. December 2015, 19th to the 25th It all started on December the 19th in 2015. I bought 0.09 BTC for around 40 EUR and I put it into a Bitcoin blackjack site. After some hours I was up to 0.2 BTC - I felt really really happy ofcourse and I did that for a couple of days until I was up to around 0.4 BTC. This was when I decided to try out Prime Dice, on December 24th (christmas eve). Luckeeey I was. And I was now up to 0.525 BTC, oh gosh, you won't even believe my emotions. The next day, December the 25th was when the real "luck"eeey began to emerge and I was up 0.3 BTC in a single day. December 2015, 26th to the 30th On December the 28th I had 2 Bitcoin, starting from 0.09 BTC. That's more than 20x what I put in! I put it in again on December the 29th and within just 30 minutes (30 minutes, that's right!) I withdrawed a whole 3.8 BTC. Put it in again a couple of times, and the last deposit I ever saw from my Bitcoin wallet was 6.174 BTC. Back on Prime Dice I was doing my regular stuff and I had 7 BTC. And... the luck ends I was hitting a insane lose streak, actually it wasn't a insane one. It was just me being stupid. I lost it all, actually no, I had 1 BTC left but holy damn I'm dumb I put it all in and surprise surprise I lost. Conclusion Doing what I did is in the short run really fun if you are lucky. But in the long term and doing the stupid things that I did is not gonna work at all. I've learned that 0.1 BTC each time martingale is plain stupid. I do however hope that the people that I gave away BTC to had a fun time with the small I gave them. So... what now? Not really anything, however I did lose a couple hundred bucks trying to recoup but it was worth it I think. So ey, that's my story and hopefully you learned a bit from me. I'd like to thank Prime Dice for giving me the fun while it lasted. It was fun while it lasted but everything has to come to an end, right?
  12. Yeah, I posted on there a few days ago. Sad that I couldn't get the giveaways here on the forum on time though but there is probably going to be a lot more giveaways on here in the future.
  13. Yeah, that's sad. In the end you always lose and yoloing is never the way to go. Hopefully you will get back there some day though.