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    11111111 reacted to Vladimir in ūüŹÜ 20 Billion bets Giveaway   
    Primedice is getting closer to another milestone of 20 Billion bets 
    The giveaway is for the first 100 eligible posters. 
    How to claim 50k Satoshi: 
    1. Post your Primedice username on this thread 
    2. Your account will be credited as soon we reach the 20 billionth bet 
    Minimum 100 forum content  
    Users with warnings are not allowed to participate in this giveaway 
    If we catch you using multiple accounts you won't be credited.  
    Note: We reserve the right not to credit any accounts we consider to be abusing this giveaway. 
    The user that hits the bet will receive the 0.03 BTC reward 
    Minimum bet amount is 1000 satoshi  
    If the bet is not eligible, the first one after the bet will receive the prize.  
    Giveaway closes on 18th November 2017 15:00 UTC
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    11111111 reacted to Dan in Transaction Accelerator   
    Ask @daemonss if you require information, he has been able to help me speed up my tx's.
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    11111111 reacted to Morros in Some Control Over User Giveaways   
    I suggest that user giveaways involving amounts above 0.05 needs to get approval from administrator & giveaway amount held in escrow. A couple of user giveaways held recently involving high payouts have sill not been credited to winners yet.
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    11111111 got a reaction from btcAlice in There is no strategy   
    Long-term strategies always lead to lose money.
    Here is a graph of many bets (about 50k) that i did for abbas giveaway (bet 100 satoshi at 98%)

    it's a line that goes down...
    But the most surprising thing is that the trend shove above is clearly visible also when the number of bets is not very high, es. 600 bets:

    even in the first 100 bets the trend is clear.
    So, if you want to try to win some money, best strategy is doing few bets with high balance, for example doing 50/50 bets etc... doing many little bets seems safer, but it's not.
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    11111111 reacted to Seuntjie in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    The bets are stored in a sqlite database called dicebot.db which is found in the same folder as the executable (the file you click on to run the bot). You can use any program with a sqlite driver to access the data, sqlitebrowser (http://sqlitebrowser.org/) or excel is you install the odbc sqlite driver (http://smallbusiness.chron.com/connecting-excel-sqlite-42473.html)
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    11111111 got a reaction from Bojana in Support -- What are we doing wrong?   
    I made a ticket and they unmuted me, thanks
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    11111111 got a reaction from Cordiceps in PrimeDice based Memes   
    lol nice memes
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    11111111 reacted to Cordiceps in PrimeDice based Memes   
    Hey guys as you know memes are very trendy nowadays ! I haven't seen so many about primedice but I think this could actually be a great idea for everyone ! 
    I think there is definetely much stuff to work with ^^ !!
    Ima start with some stuff so I hope you will enjoy, and I also hope some of you will create some more with me  !!

    This is 100% facts