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  1. I like coustom fees on bitcoin wallets, but it would be dangerous doing it on PD, people might enter a too low fee and the transaction isn't mined, so they spam support team ecc... It would be better chosing beetween 2 or 3 choiches, ex. "fast tx" (confirm in a few blocks) or "low tx" (confirm in 10-20 blocks). Another important thing would be implementing segwit.
  2. it's not too difficoult, just a XOR beetween 2 strings. But i take weeks to make it work.
  3. I think you should add altcoins. Withdrawal fees are yet high, not good to increase them.
  4. wow, 20billion reached now my bet ID: 20,000,000,108
  5. All clear, thanks. Just a curiosity, do primedice plan about using segwit addresses in the future?
  6. Is it possibile to change deposit address for better privacy? Obviously is it possible to do it by registering a new account, but is it possibile by using the same account?
  7. yes, it's a non-standard tx but it can be mined, and it was mined.
  8. smallest transaction i've ever seen https://blockchain.info/tx/b4ea693a9d2d7e32b66777964fce13da302bed024bd9fd4651919da650fb1c40
  9. can you explain in brief how this service works? I googled for it but didn't find useful information.
  10. Long-term strategies always lead to lose money. Here is a graph of many bets (about 50k) that i did for abbas giveaway (bet 100 satoshi at 98%) it's a line that goes down... But the most surprising thing is that the trend shove above is clearly visible also when the number of bets is not very high, es. 600 bets: even in the first 100 bets the trend is clear. So, if you want to try to win some money, best strategy is doing few bets with high balance, for example doing 50/50 bets etc... doing many little bets seems safer, but it's not.
  11. post your OS and browser so maybe they can find the problem more easily. I usually don't use mobile version so I didn't noticed that bug, on desktop version works all fine.
  12. you can also use google authenticator plugin for chrome, it works nice and you don't have to bring your phone every time
  13. wow, very good, i never hit a 9900x