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  1. I like coustom fees on bitcoin wallets, but it would be dangerous doing it on PD, people might enter a too low fee and the transaction isn't mined, so they spam support team ecc... It would be better chosing beetween 2 or 3 choiches, ex. "fast tx" (confirm in a few blocks) or "low tx" (confirm in 10-20 blocks). Another important thing would be implementing segwit.
  2. it's not too difficoult, just a XOR beetween 2 strings. But i take weeks to make it work.
  3. I think you should add altcoins. Withdrawal fees are yet high, not good to increase them.
  4. wow, 20billion reached now my bet ID: 20,000,000,108
  5. All clear, thanks. Just a curiosity, do primedice plan about using segwit addresses in the future?
  6. Is it possibile to change deposit address for better privacy? Obviously is it possible to do it by registering a new account, but is it possibile by using the same account?
  7. yes, it's a non-standard tx but it can be mined, and it was mined.
  8. smallest transaction i've ever seen https://blockchain.info/tx/b4ea693a9d2d7e32b66777964fce13da302bed024bd9fd4651919da650fb1c40