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  1. Kurian

    Electroneum (ETN) ⚡- Nearing to The Top 20

    Good to see that ETN finally making some movement..
  2. Kurian

    Electroneum (ETN) ⚡- Nearing to The Top 20

    ETN mining application is only a simulation. Technically, it doesn't use your phone RAM.
  3. All the very best for the stream Oleg!!
  4. There was a site which offered exact same game. To my surprise, it has same color, shape and design. That is why I asked you whether it's related to your site or not. I don't remember the exact name ... It was something like wheels. @MrBoss was a moderator there. May be he could give more details on it.
  5. Home made?? The new game wheel is exactly the same from another website. Does your website related to the old one?
  6. Kurian

    Consecutive losing

    @UltraChief never said bets are rigged. He said Primedice wouldn't stay for long if bets were rigged. If you have any doubts on the legitimacy of the bets, you can verify it.
  7. Kurian

    Consecutive losing

    I don't verify my bets often. But, if i found something odd, I would do that.. like getting 12 reds on 1.5x or 1.2x.
  8. Kurian

    Hi im new here

    welcome to the community @txtpocar and @1miau ... Good luck
  9. Hehe i remember someone who were really successful in using all these techniques. The legendary "niceone". He once shouted an HR for not returning his tips and called him a scammer.😆
  10. Kurian

    Do you use bitcoin faucets still ?

    I use https://freebitco.in , just to test my luck on lottery. I don't know it's worth it, but i'll keep trying. I heard @UltraChief made some good money from there.
  11. We made topic about same website but, the content was different. That is why @CaptainLorca merged two topics into one so, that everyone can find all the information in a single topic. I didn't post my referral links into your topic purposefully. It is there because that was a different topic before it got merged. If you want me to remove my referral links i happy to do that. Please mention any mods if I'm not around they will get it done for you.
  12. Yeah ! I checked before starting the new topic.. They started wagering competion very recently and thought it would be useful for some. As it is a new site there is not much high rollers. So, we could use the opportunity.
  13. GoUp.bet Started Their First Wager Competion You might be heard about this new website. There is no fee for withdrawal. !!! It almost looks like Stake.com The wagering competion started at (GMT 05:00am) and will end after 7 days at the same time. You can wager with any coins and any games (Dice/Roulette), Roulette wagers will be counted as 2x of wager amount. Goup.bet will announce the name of contest winners on bitcointalk official thread ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4514826.120 ) on the 7th August 12:00am GMT. You can also check live leaderboard on their website. The rules are very simple, Make as much wager as possible by 7th August and If you are on top 8 then you are a winner. This is a new website so use this opportunity to win big. If you are not already a member you can Join through this link: https://goup.bet/?aff=blumhh If you don't want use my referral code : https://goup.bet Contest Prizes 1st Prize - 150,000 Doge 2nd Prize: 70,000 doge 3rd Prize: 35,000 Doge 4th Prize: 20,000 Doge 5th Prize: 10,000 Doge 6th Prize: 5,000 Doge 7th Prize: 5,000 Doge 8th Prize: 5,000 Doge Good Luck All
  14. Kurian

    How you start gambling

    I had no idea about online casinos until I got introduce to the crypto world. My country consider gambling as an illegal activity. So, never had a chance get a real Casino experience. After i lost some money in cloud mining and some scams, i found PD and thought i should give it a try.There started my gambling life.