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  1. Kurian

    Dicebot vs. Autobet

    Dicebot gives exact same rolls as auto bet. The rolls are faster on dicebot than in autobet and it can show you every rolls and highlight the outcome, that's why you are seem to be thinking that you are getting more reds. If I am having big bankroll, I prefer playing on Dicebot.
  2. Kurian

    What's your message count?

    Mine is 6873. I used to chat a lot before but, i lost interest lately...
  3. Kurian

    Do you use a forum signature?

    I am using the one I created a while back for signature competition. Using signature is one of the effective ways to get some referrals.
  4. Kurian

    Personal luck of a person!

    Thinking positive would work atleast to some extent. But, I believe in luck or you can say the power from above which controls everything.
  5. Kurian

    If you have 100Btc

    I would buy a house and make some investment with the rest of the money. But I don't think dream will become real if we constantly think about it. We should work for it to make it happen.
  6. Kurian

    1BTC Challenge

    Wow seems you are lucky with rolls. Hard to believe this is from the initial 70k sats. Congrats and best wishes for next milestone.
  7. There was many big hits and big loses so far. But, I do remember a couple of crazy bets I did on auto bet a while back. It was on 2x payout and i put increase on lose percentage higher than normal and made my balance to 0.12 BTC from 400k sats.
  8. Yes I do, I am in profit when calculating profit from all casinos I've played so far. But, that is not much, hardly I can say that I'm in profit.
  9. Kurian

    How do you celebrate Christmas?

    For me Christmas is all about celebrations. Lights, firecrackers, Songs, food, wine. In my place, chicken and beef are a must in X'mas food dishes. Here is a picture of Special beef roast. The one we serve on Christmas eve.
  10. Kurian

    Dream about Jackpot

    I think he was pre-rolling with 0 wagering. So, that doesn't meet the requirements to be eligible for jackpot.
  11. Kurian

    Did you save up using the vault?

    I don't use vault. If i do, I would probably withdraw it once i bust my balance. So, it won't work for me in a good way.
  12. Kurian

    Dream about Jackpot

    I believed it was impossible until zoltan hit it. It is possible but hard to be eligible because of the wager. As carol said we have to report it if we hit the jackpot. Most of us won't really pay attention to the rolls.
  13. Kurian

    Bitcoin on its way to $100,000

    Many major events are coming soon. I wonder why it hasn't affected market yet. Hope for the best.
  14. Congrats on your winnings.. Apart from the crazy bets, would you mind sharing your strategy? .
  15. Kurian

    Guys, where do u do sport betting?

    Nitrogensports is a good platform. I am not a fan of sportbets but, I have tried this one and it's one of the top casinos.