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  1. Dear all primedice players i had a crisis at family and my mon used to get treatment for chemeotherapy for the past year and 9 days ago i came back from egypt and when i woke up my brother called me and told me that my mom is in hospital and she is in coma thats why i didnt have time to do the giveaways anyway, i really hated most of sent me msges telling me im scammer and they say bad things about me and my family well ill pay it very soon and it will be my last thank you all for the kind words bye.
  2. i never used it and i will never do and i hate auto rolls
  3. when i play slots on william hill i get 20% cashback on tuesday and thursdays
  4. they should give us 10% cashback and delete the faucets hehehehehe @JenFromCA
  5. my worst was 29 on 2.235 x like 2 years ago
  6. I am giving away prizes worth of 1500 euros (converted into Bitcoins on the day when the payout is done) to 25 people. Please, read the rules down below. Conditions for entering the giveaway: Minimum 20 posts in forum at the moment of entering the giveaway Your Primedice account has to be at least one month old Wagered amount has to be minimum 1 Bitcoin on that account Rules for the competition: Post your username in this topic Check your post number in the topic In order to win you have to hunt that number in Primedice (for example, if your post number is 5, you have to roll 5.00) Minimum bet amount is 100 satoshi’s Every time you hit that number, you edit your post, and enter the bet ID The person who has the most bets with the required roll number wins It is not important if you won that bet or not Starting bet ID is 17.995.000.000 A person that makes the 100th post can choose his roll number himself (and the chosen number cannot be changed after the first pick) Every entry that has post number over 100, the hunting goes like this: for example post No 101 has to roll 1.01, post No 123 has to roll 1.23, etc. We will have 25 winners in the end Winners: 1st prize: 45% of the funds (675 euros) 2nd prize: 15% of the funds (225 euros) 3rd prize: 10% of the funds (150 euros) 4th – 10th prize: 2% of the funds each (30 euros) 11th – 25th prize: approximately 1% of the funds (15 euros) The competition will end on the July 28th, at 8 PM GMT. Have fun guys i hope you enjoy it
  7. movie name : lock stock and two smoking barrels of banasage pd user : abbas50
  8. in my opinion 1- @btcAlice she is hot 2- @ravenyvolle she is petite and great looking thats my opinion
  9. I am a very proud dad i have a daughter and a son but i still didnt see my son as he was born 3 weeks ago on a diffrent country but omg my daughter is the love of my life your kids looks great i wish all the best for them and i wish you raise them good and they meet my kids too one day god bless
  10. when you taste abbas50 satooshi u cant forget it
  11. no its ababs style edward will be following me
  12. well i will return it as i dont like to make people sad but if i knew he is a rich fella ill take it
  13. hi ofcourse you can join but i hope its not an alt we will be checking the ip address
  14. i will give 100 k to each one first 150 people i hope you enjoyed your last giveaway it will be paid in 10 days have fun
  15. first of all thank you for the nice words second of all i dont know who i give while i win i just choose random people and give them what i can in the community so we can make this place as primedice a good place as family third of all i wish you all the luck in the world and all the winnings good luck from the heart the payment is not done it will be done on the 10th of july 8 pm gmt and it will be locked very soon
  16. i didnt watch porno since 2011 when i got married lol but used to use xnxx.com
  17. you would be surprized there is alot of alts we r deleting from the list and i believe you will get the chance
  18. hello, it will be credited on the 10th of july 8pm gmt time