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  1. i play there since 2014 its a good place if you play safe as its a bit expensive you can try it and once you are vip there you will get great rewards even if you win plenty i suggest if you play there try the live casino is better chance for you to win
  2. hey bro you need to play a little more when you deposit alittle more ill speak to my hostess and ill make you vip you are nearly there bro tomorrow morning ill speak to my hostess and make you vip like me they give me alot of things im happy with them
  3. click here you will know the full story bro
  4. most countries yes bro its really good if you can have patience and deposit good amounts and dont forget to use my referal
  5. cant wait for u to be under my affiliate means alot to me i hate that place bitcasino is way more fun and more pro for us gamblers an they have great promotions
  6. Dear all primedice players i had a crisis at family and my mon used to get treatment for chemeotherapy for the past year and 9 days ago i came back from egypt and when i woke up my brother called me and told me that my mom is in hospital and she is in coma thats why i didnt have time to do the giveaways anyway, i really hated most of sent me msges telling me im scammer and they say bad things about me and my family well ill pay it very soon and it will be my last thank you all for the kind words bye.
  7. heyo, how come I havent been included in your giveaway?


    1. jeddy


      Me too  I want to join in Give away

  8. i never used it and i will never do and i hate auto rolls
  9. when i play slots on william hill i get 20% cashback on tuesday and thursdays
  10. they should give us 10% cashback and delete the faucets hehehehehe @JenFromCA
  11. to be unhappy with money is better being happy without money trust me on this one
  12. my worst was 29 on 2.235 x like 2 years ago