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    Next time better luck
  2. Was playing on 1.4x payout and made 160k so i was playing with a 1k base bet and i lost the bet wanted to click double x2 hitted max without knowing i did before i knew i rolled the dice and lost all . Its not big of a problem but i would wanna know why isn't there a confirmation when i all in i didn't even notice.... Next time gonna pay a little more attention to what i am doing haha because at the end its still my own mistake
  3. So if I am right you want a log file with past bets you have made?
  4. you should let the script do its thing until its done and then if its done running, your balance / 100 so if you got 10k 100 sats bet amount until you hit
  5. Hi everyone :D, So yesterday i did a deposit from 100k and was playing all day long with my bot, At about 23:00 in the night i had 400k made from 100k. So what i wanted is to withdraw with 430k so i have 400k on my wallet total after the withdraw. I was on my last 100x hunt and did hit about 10+ times on the 100x that day (no jokes), But what happened was i almost busted and had 1k left on 100x so i was already thinking that i lost all. The final bet 1k on 100x did hit and i didn't wanna continue playing with 100k so i went all in on 2x and did hit multiple times than some small bets and reached 680k. Pretty insane that when you gave up the hope u can still reach way more than you wanted to hit.
  6. No problem он предварительно закатывает для вас
  7. You can always bust even with the best methods there is a risk of busting with the biggest bankroll there still is a risk to bust all
  8. I am on a chromebook so i don't know about the f12 key hehe.
  9. @Ssociety Lol try to put it in your computers calculator. Jk ctrl + shift + i -> console -> paste -> enter key.
  10. Hello, everyone, it's me again. Lately, i decided why not share how I received money from the faucet. First of all, i wanna make sure you understand that there still is a lot of luck needed! So how did I do it? I created a preroll script for primedice what this does is it pre roll's for me and tries to reach a 200 losses streak on 100x payout, If it wins the script resets the live stats and start all over again, Once it reaches the 200 losses in a row it stops the script and it is all up to you what your base bet will be until you hit and make profits than just restart the script! As easy as that is it will help you out to make a nice profit on your current balance or on your faucet I wanna point out 2 things before uploading this post to the forum because I kind of think it is risky to do! 1. The script is in javascript and every single line of code is explained in it with a //comment to make sure you know that it is not a btc hijacking script! 2. Its uploaded to Pastebin on a guest account so I cannot edit the paste to make it a hijacking script! I understand that there are a lot of scamming script around lately so I explained every single line of code. The Youtube URL to the vid/script with withdraws proof! I hope you guys make some nice profits and enjoy the pre-roll script, If you have any questions just message me and ill explain or help you out!
  11. Hello primedice users, I was thinking about a new tablet at the right from the high rollers. In this tablet, it will show the luckiest hits from all players like: "999x, 9900x, 666x". Should look something like this picture: Tell me if you like the idea