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    btcAlice got a reaction from cryptomonkey in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    It is very dangerous to download a dice bot from the Internet but Seuntjies DiceBot is an exception.
    I can vouch for it completely. 
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    btcAlice reacted to Bojana in Chat Rules elaborated   
    Caps are not strictly prohibited, but they do clutter the chat, so it is recommended not to use them (at least not excessively) 
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    btcAlice reacted to Nataly in My YouTube Cooking Channel   
    Hi guys. Exept, that I like to play on PD, I like to cook very much and I have cooking channel - Tasty Cooking. Please, welcome
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    btcAlice reacted to 11111111 in There is no strategy   
    Long-term strategies always lead to lose money.
    Here is a graph of many bets (about 50k) that i did for abbas giveaway (bet 100 satoshi at 98%)

    it's a line that goes down...
    But the most surprising thing is that the trend shove above is clearly visible also when the number of bets is not very high, es. 600 bets:

    even in the first 100 bets the trend is clear.
    So, if you want to try to win some money, best strategy is doing few bets with high balance, for example doing 50/50 bets etc... doing many little bets seems safer, but it's not.
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    btcAlice reacted to cherokee613 in btc or eth?   
    See I knew bitcoin would recover back to $2800! Have faith on BTC guys! 
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    btcAlice reacted to showrov1993 in Forum Questions and Information   
    you already got the answer from other.By the way thnx others who help here everyone.That's why i love this community and good luck Alice  
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    btcAlice got a reaction from zale023 in buy or sell?   
    I agree with this. Bitcoin has the potential to be $3k+ pretty soon. 
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    btcAlice reacted to zale023 in buy or sell?   
    Hold it a little bit longer until it reaches atleast $2900 minimum
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    btcAlice reacted to Gennady12 in The hits two in a row   
    i got some times same number in a row
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    btcAlice reacted to maverick528 in How much do you love primedice?   
    a lot.
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    btcAlice reacted to lili angkasa in Forum Questions and Information   
    Well.. I will explain step by step :
    After you click signature , fill  "♔ PrimeDice.com | The Best Way To Roll ! | Free BTC Faucet | Instant Play & Chat " on text box

    Then click "link" function

    And after click "insert  into post" your text will turn into a link


    For next word like [Thread] fill the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0
    and  @PrimeDice  https://twitter.com/primedice

    And voila you will have same signature just like him
    You can add your own primedice ref link if you wish
    Hope it's help
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    btcAlice reacted to Coolio in Your Dream Primedice Update   
    I would love to see primedice allowing faster bets
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    btcAlice reacted to bakso in Forum Questions and Information   
    See your name on upper right corner
    select account settings
    select signature
    and you can add any text on text box include image or link
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    btcAlice reacted to skanderkrid in 600k won here waiting until 1M   
    hey I started in primedice few weeks ago 
    At first, I tried to start with faucet with risky methods earned some and then busted all
    After , I heard that forum is paying well so i came here to give a good content and get paied
    I had 400k from forum and 200k profit from bets waiting until i get up to 1M to withdraw the half
    I want to say thanks to pd community for heping a lot and making me have this fun <3
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    btcAlice reacted to maverick528 in Comments for Miss Primedice 2017 contest   
    I am opening this topic so that ppl can post their comments here about MissPD 2017 contest, because if u post comments in the contest topic they are deleted (or not, depends on who are you).
    The rules of the MissPd 2017 contest apparently permit that ppl can make posts if they are offering giveaways for the contestants.
    "Just those who wants to contribute to the award leave message here what amount and for what you send it to me."
    I made yesterday a post that was deleted 30 secs later, as all my other posts, so I´m posting it again here:
    I dont think its fair that only the 3 top MissPD contestans get a prize.
    All the other ladies should get at least a small consolation prize because they spent their time and work on preparation, shooting the pics and uploading.
    So I want to donate at least 3k sats (as my funds allow in the moment)  for each contestant not in the top 3, it is very few money I know but I expect somebody else will contribute too....
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    btcAlice reacted to misvroxt in Apply for Wolfgames whitelist   
    Username : misvroxt 
    Hi wolfbain I'm very interested for wolfgames. Please include me in your whitelist.
    Thnx... Go wolf
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    btcAlice got a reaction from misvroxt in btcAlice giveaway #1 (CLOSED)   
    And now, the first question. 
    What's inside Jes... ?
    _ _ n e _ _ _
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    btcAlice reacted to kimpotxx in btcAlice giveaway #1 (CLOSED)   
    The minimum of transfer to pd is 100k. But you can transfer to the user atleast 10k
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    btcAlice reacted to 420BlazeItFgt in Who hit the Jackpot?   
    Yep I was wrong with that one, already realised it when someone else quoted me before you.
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    btcAlice reacted to king0007 in Hello world! <3   
    Hello btcalice welcome to the forum nice to see people coming every day here