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  1. Hey! Can you guys explain how it works? I want to mine altcoins too. Is it possible to mine them with a regular computer?
  2. Idk, don't have much so far. Spent most of my coins before the price was high. Now I have less than 0.01 BTC but I'm not going to give up. I'm planning to earn that amount monthly from now on or even more if I will have time to earn more BTC.
  3. Good job, leftler! I've heard that one can hit over 20 losing streak playing 50% win chance, but I've never seen more than 16 reds playing with that chance. But you tested it and showed that even a streak of 27 is possible. Wow, I'll be playing more careful from now on. I lost 560k sats a week ago btw. First went to 700k+ from that amount and then lost it all.
  4. Yes, I agree. When someone uses caps it looks like the person is shouting which isn't polite in any chat.
  5. btcAlice

    196 countries

    I'm going to travel a lot in the future, but now I have no time for that. I have to study a lot every day and if you are going to travel somewhere it will take at least one week which I can't now afford.
  6. You have a nice channel there! Especially I liked the Chocolate Pudding Recipe I guess I should try to do it.
  7. Hello, @Xtinbit I hope you already figured it out how to see your forum balance due to our helpful community. I just want to add that when transferring the satoshis to your PD account don't put comma anywhere in the number. For example, if you want to transfer 55,000 satoshis write it down like this: 55000 and not like this: 55,000. Good luck!
  8. Ethereum is a great coin, Kattleya and indeed it has good potential, but they were asking about alt accounts on PD I guess.
  9. I think the title of this movie describes perfectly my play on Primedice.
  10. What makes you think so? BTC will go up from now on. Some say it can reach $10k by the end of this year.
  11. Sad story! Hope you will be following your own rules next time and withdraw your winnings. Good luck!
  12. I trust bitcoin but I can't say I'm a holder actually. Normally I exchange almost my earned BTC right after I get it. I wish I could save it though.
  13. No strategy can garantee you win and Prinzsarhea should have known that. It as nice from you to share your strategy with good intenetions expecting nothing in return. Now, don't be sad since you did nothing wrong. Good luck in the future!
  14. yeah but since next year is 2018 it will be as cool as it is now