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  1. BitsUniverse

    Where is your "Dream place" to travel?

    For me Ireland to my cousins place and Alaska!
  2. BitsUniverse

    Hi all im new here (◠‿◠)

    Hi and welcome ti Primedice!
  3. BitsUniverse

    pd members meet up

    Haha Bauang lang din kami don. Baka sa inyo yung malapit sa tulay na resort haha.
  4. BitsUniverse

    pd members meet up

    Raven san sa la union? San Fernando ako tas may bahay kami by the beach, baka malapit lang resort nyo don.
  5. BitsUniverse

    Why if you say that pd is not fair yo still coming?

    This is gambling and no matter how careful you are, you will lose some. Lose some to win some!
  6. BitsUniverse

    problem with my forum balance

    Yep same here however I dont comment for the money so its fine.
  7. BitsUniverse

    Stake Giveaway!

    Oh gotta check this one thanks Ed.
  8. BitsUniverse

    Hi all im new here (◠‿◠)

    Heya buddy howdy, good to see you here. Go bet to the max try your beginners luck!
  9. Yea its an old gambling site like this but this one is better. Too many games they offer and its hard to focus on one you can win. I think they also have depo bonus, i dunno - long time.
  10. BitsUniverse

    Night Strategy ! 99% working

    Haha maybe in some cases but not all the time but hey if its a success to you then good job buddy, keep it up.
  11. BitsUniverse

    All in opposite side

    Just hang on buddy, unfair is fair nowadays.
  12. BitsUniverse


    Welcome to PD, I wish you luck.
  13. BitsUniverse


    Hi, glad to have you here.
  14. Its around 140K PHP or Philippine Peso.
  15. BitsUniverse

    GOT or TWD?

    So whats GOT and TWD? For starters they are both great TV series. Just for fun lets debate whos better. For me I like Game of Thrones more, it has more story than The Walking Dead who just basically kills zombies all day long and trying to survive. Haha good point is, if Zombies ever come to life then we'll know what to do.