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  1. Zerachiel23

    Hello pinoys!

    brothas, down pa primedice.com now? o sa akin lang ? kahapon pa ako di makapasok sa site eh
  2. i'm just betting on primedice.com or bitsler.com ... i don't any other ways on how to earn some satoshis other than the two .. may be anyone can give me a suggestion on how to earn some satoshis.. even if it takes a long time for me to earn, atleast i earn something..
  3. thanks for sharing this info.. hope many will try this another method of making bitcoin online
  4. i didn't expect this would happen.. i am new to coins.ph... i hope it won't happen to me .. i'm just a poor kiddo T_T
  5. hello there brotha welcome to hell.. i mean hell-a-fun
  6. haven't u noticed brotha? i think primedice.com is down until now i missed betting
  7. i think the seeds had gone too many reds this timee... dont u think its unfair? u put probably fair.. means like not so sure if u are being fair with us (just saying)
  8. I am using Coins.ph.. its simple, easy, fast, reliable, safe and so much more to describe this Wallet Brothas and Sisthas.. if u want to withdraw its no hassle actually u can withdraw up to 7900$ ...
  9. worst day just lost 400K last sat.. then LOST40K just now T_T only 2K left huhu
  10. its ok sista.. we all win some and lose some.. dont feel like you are the only person having that situation its part of our life.. just be strategic next time.. and Learn to control your temptation to become greedy.. i lost a total of 440K now it really makes me sad too but hey there's always tomorrow so just play it cool and RELAX.. ok? GOOD LUCK
  11. well its ok.. i think i know why it happened still More Power in this Site.. thanks for your reply.. i wont make a spam again .. please dont take my satoshis it really is a bad feeling for me T_T