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  1. welcome kamatis hhehehehe place dice and reveal some strategies...
  2. maybe i can try this method..thanks for sharing
  3. malagyan na nga hehehe..ty po thanks for suggestion oo nga po e...thanks po
  4. im d only one in our family...but sometime if they have time y not?
  5. ah ganun po ba? cge po susubukan ko lagyan ng 2FA ang wallet ko....ty po
  6. HI GUYS, kailangan ko pa po bang lagyang ng 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) ang coins wallet ko? ->Mas maganda po bang LAGYAN at ano po ang advantage nito? ->Or HINDE at gamitin nalang ang mail verification? Thank you!..
  7. HAHA LOL its a Very very beautiful story
  8. Welcome to forum PD @TickleMoney
  9. salamat sa mga paalala Bloomy <3 we're here to support you as a mod of a comming soon philippines server
  10. welcome mhikky, play dice and discover more strategies
  11. gawa ka lng 2nd account so yun yung magiging bank account mo .. ako kc kada nakakaipon ng 1k sa free faucet tip ko kagad sa 2nd account ko.. para makaipon talga..