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  1. I was there when he's gamble about more than 1 btc per bet with 33,33% winning chance That's INSANE !! I'm wondering what he/she doing at the moment ...
  2. I like when I able to earn 20%-40% comission fee from registered ref ( they need to be active) Ofcourse after some effort, they must be awarded Regards,
  3. I'm usually play on fortune jack, the site is simple and responsive so I'm enjoy play there Never occur any problem since I played there Regards,
  4. It's nice to see great response to adjust 1 Aug event Great job
  5. Let say if I have 1 btc at the moment and after 1 Aug , if I have 50% btc and 50% bcc I'm still prefer btc because there is still a lot of demand for it Regards,
  6. It's a bad choice if you're rolling for long term since 40%++ only able succed on short term ( as far as my experience ) Regards
  7. Bitcoin is amazing investation as far as I'm invest Altcoin provide more riskier rather than bitcoin Regards
  8. AFAIK, member who entitled with VIP status has achieve 10.000 satoshi faucet / claim Maybe lower house edge will be a nice option Regards,
  9. Nobody knows what will happen on bitcoin but as long as you trust on bitcoin, I keep hold it no matter what will happen ! Regards
  10. I'm ever did 1000 satoshi / bet using 9900x and I hit 0,09 when I hit 9900x, I feel like I can control the world, Regards
  11. It's really difficult to predict what will happen on next week But I'm still keep faith on bitcoin so it will increase over $ 1000 Regards,
  12. I bet on final match on last world cup , I win since I chose draw and I won 0.07 since the odds was 7 Kamsia
  13. I'm using blockchain and local exchanger to convert into my currency I've been using blockchain over 3 years without any problem Regards,
  14. Well.. I will explain step by step : After you click signature , fill "♔ PrimeDice.com | The Best Way To Roll ! | Free BTC Faucet | Instant Play & Chat " on text box Then click "link" function And after click "insert into post" your text will turn into a link For next word like [Thread] fill the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.0 and @PrimeDice https://twitter.com/primedice And voila you will have same signature just like him You can add your own primedice ref link if you wish Hope it's help