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  1. ahahaha might as well make a post on that lol
  2. First of all, pls excuse me if this is not the proper place to discuss this as I cant find anything pertaining to weather . Anyways, I am from PH and three hours ago Super Typhoon Mangkhut is still barreling toward the northern Philippines (where i am located), packing sustained winds of 167 mph (269 kph). While one hurricane is also affecting North Carolina, USA. To all players around the world, especially those who are located in the affected areas/countries: pls stay safe!! Be vigilant to life-threatening storm surges and hurricane-force winds in areas located near the water..and landslides and landfalls for other areas. HOW TO PREPARE AND BE SAFE? BEFORE THE STORM: If your home cannot withstand high winds, go to the nearest sturdy building or storm shelter. Stay away from riverbanks and coastal areas during heavy rainfall. These areas can flood quickly and with little warning. Avoid unnecessary travel. You don’t want to be caught outside during a storm. Harvest crops, if possible. Fields may be damaged by high winds and flooding. Turn on your TV/radio. You’ll get the latest weather updates and emergency instructions from PAGASA. DURING THE STORM: Close storm shutters if possible and stay away from windows. Flying glass from broken windows could injure you. Avoid walking or driving through flood waters. Just 15 cm of moving water can knock you down and half a meter of water can sweep your vehicle away. Keep children and pets inside. They could be injured by flying debris outside. (SOURCE: PAGASA) related topics: https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane
  3. Welcome to pd grandpa, this is grandma garlicbread as u can see in my profile photo lol.. No specific tips to follow, just 50% luck and 50% bank.. Thats the secret
  4. just havin my popcorn looking at chat just a few minutes ago HAHAHAHA one player is really good at this no doubt.. any school for this that we can learn to do it as well? lol like really.. theyre sooo good i wonder how they manage to hook these whales
  5. ok best to call them consultants then hahaaha
  6. yo yo everyone! Good day to all esp. to the high rollers named "hidden" lol.. but why would some players hide everything from wager to profit and now even their bets? One main reason: unsolicited private messages from strangers and beggars .. and the worst part, these private messages are from the same people who are getting muted every now and then due to same issues lol Guys, seriously? ok maybe one "goodluck bro" is fine but its kinda annoying if you get these pm like every 10 seconds( 5-6 continuous messages) and these sometimes stops the roll or causes lag to be honest. Let us let each players do their thing.. if they want to roll high base let them! They have reasons why they do that- maybe they got huge balance? or wanted to win asap? who knows?? Its not really helping, if the players wanted something we have our chat window or support, there you can make friendly conversations. Just pls avoid being like these people: 1. "advisers": people who randomly sends msgs like, hey bro dangerous strat, you playing wrong bro, im warning you! if you lose you say byebye money! (and why do they think everyone playing is a guy? hahaha) 2."dice-site warriors" people who sends all the links of other sites hoping for you to join em lol 3. "minions": aka beggars. No need to explain hahahaha Just saying
  7. Bet: 23,788,351,976 placed by garlicbread on 27/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 Bet: 23,788,366,383 placed by garlicbread on 27/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 Bet: 23,788,375,409 placed by garlicbread on 27/08/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1.10x Profit 0.00000010 @Dan hi ail try to edit again nextime my bet ids coz right now it keeps giving me an error message
  8. Damn! Ive been seeing a lot of this in chat but never thought it was a technique... Kidding wahahaha.. I can even name some experts in this field but nah.. Im a good grandma..but maybe il just pm them and ask for advice? I need some satows bwahahaha
  9. Thanks much bojana these are different users, but with regards to that long one, its been reported
  10. Please define passive begging lol. I'm not really sure if someone already made a topic regarding this, but I do hope primedice can make a way to stop other users for sending unsolicited ideas, suggestions, passive begging, and many more (just like STAKE wherein you cant just send a message to a user unless they allow it or you are in their "friend's list"). I really noticed this whenever a player makes big bets or just rolling with high base and these annoying messages keeps popping up, which I admit some are just plain wishing you "goodluck" to literally asking you to join other sites and make them as your referral or asking you to roll for them, or letting them roll for you for bigger profit and the most annoying of them all, begging you for some sats. Someone even said i love you after begging hahaha. Poor high rollers who gets these stuff everytime.. I dont really send or report all these unless they keep sending messages nonstop that really disrupts me from playing or its literally begging.. the rest I ignore them.. I know we have our support team and MOD's to help us out, just report to them but sometimes i feel that it would be better if we can control messages (say, you cant receive or send unless your "friends") so as to also lessen the workload of our support team and we can just roll peacefully lol. thats why we have the CHAT guys, use that to say hi or hello or whatever you wanna say just pls stop sending random messages to just anyone you havent even talked to in the chatroom geez.. Here are some of the screenshots i made:there are even worst but i wasnt able to access them. Have you received the same? comment down lol Have a great day everyone
  11. Well since i got allergic rhinitis, pets are not allowed inside the house, except for this one parrot fish -which is by the way laziest fish ive seen coz literally it doesnt swim hahaha just stays in one corner and stares back at you when u stare at him 😂