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  1. Oh. Well still a feat but not nearly as impressive when you put it that way.
  2. I don't know why but for some reason I can play PD flawlessly and without visual lag on Chrome, but in FireFox, every time I place a roll there's a very slight but noticeable stutter before it lands on the number I rolled. This has been happening since the beginning of PD3.
  3. Goldbtc77 that is ridiculously impressive. You're a psychic!
  4. It seems almost inevitable at some point that governments across the world (in advanced countries) will switch to some form of digital currency. It might not be called Fedcoin, but I'd be willing to bet we're going to go digital in the future. Even if it's far off into the future, it will likely happen eventually.
  5. Yes that must have been from another giveaway since this one has not been credited yet.
  6. People are always going to try and find a way to exploit a system when that system has ways of giving something for free, so PPP is no different in that regard. The only two options really are to disable it entirely to prevent it, or moderate the hell out of it to keep out the spammers and keep them in check.
  7. It's possible there is a god or gods out there somewhere, but as far as believing in any specific religion (out of the thousands that have been created) no, I can't say I believe in religion.
  8. I'm not sure I understand how it would be any different from the blockchain tech we already have in place with BTC and altcoins? Those are already transparent (well, most of them anyway). How would fedcoin be different?
  9. I'm fine with it as long as no one gets offended. This is why there are nude beaches around the world that allow this kind of thing to happen too. It's a shame it's mostly only allowed on beaches though and not other restricted areas.
  10. How about an achievement for rolling X number of greens in a row on 2x multiplier? First achievement could be for rolling 10 greens in a row on 2x, second achievement happens at 15 greens in a row, third happens at 20.. you get the point.
  11. Married or not, if both sides don't consent to the encounter that's about to happen then yes, I would consider it to be rape.
  12. JenFromCA


    I could maybe believe this were true if cannabis were the only psychoactive plant on our planet, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of plants that are capable of altering our consciousness in a profound way. So either aliens brought thousands of mind-altering plants to our planet, or nature just happened to come up with it by itself.
  13. JenFromCA


    It is no different than here in the US where we give innocent people the death penalty, then later find out that they were in fact innocent of the crime they were accused of committing. Any time you enact the death penalty for a crime, innocent people will die. It is an inevitable conclusion. Therefore, if someone accepts death as a proper punishment for any crime, they must also accept that innocent people will die too.