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  1. wtf? that is an egg? you are simply right kargai, i taste it her in my city in a peru fusion restaurant, is oone of the most delicious things i ever had.
  2. i dont know what kind of met is that but im pretty sure i can eat like 20 of that at time, looks amazing
  3. Im the worst in kitchen, my speciality is: Sandwich hhahahaha
  4. Well, i read in a telegram group that BTG chain was a little unestable right n they dont have a clue about how to mine it already.
  5. Hola chicos, Quiero volver a hacer streaming pero quiero hacerlo en español, a que hora (en EST) les gustaría que fuera o podrían participar?
  6. No estoy de acuerdo, yo no dejo todo a ultima hora.
  7. Well i wanna eat somethig delicious but i dont have any idea, so tell me what is the most delicious thing you ever eat? in my case is a tropical fruit called atemoya,
  8. Hiyas vinka, I'm doing profit for tips, im planning to do one tonight, at Colombian time, is of course unnoficial but will be fun i guess.
  9. I have a lot of favorite anies but i really love:: -Nana -Boku no pico - shokugeki no soma food wars!
  10. ih dont make me remember bitsler, thats a scam for sure i never win anything there.
  11. My recomendations for this season: Gamers! Eromanga sensei. Boku no hero academy.
  12. I was scared about grow like an afroaamerican girl, in my country ppl were veery racist oh and also i was scared about the chtulu
  13. Hi guys YEstreday i want to do a transaction of a little quantity (0,02) to annother walllet and i stopped it because fee was 0,007 in mycellium. wtf is going on with that fees?
  14. Hey welcome!! im fine and you, how your bets are going?
  15. Hiyas guys, what happen with Mr PD contest? it needs to happen!! any sugestion, i can be logistics :3
  16. So guys, im starting with dicebot, and i was thinking about what kind of strategies are good to start from faucet? Im trying martingale but it doesn't work, so i will appreciate your suggestions.
  17. yeah :3 is like i really need a new computer to do streaming, wish my lucky in my bets to buy one hahah
  18. Ah don't worry my computer crash so i can do a good streaming when i fix it i will do a good one again :3
  19. Never goes like i want hahahahaha but i still enjoying it, the other day my computer crush in middle of it. But i feel like with company when im streaming, is really a cool sensation
  20. I have this one because is the combination of my names hahahah so boring