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  1. Slot game,this gambling for real cash,not btc,all time in my life just for gambling,very bad...i have try all gambling game... gambling make me crazy..but im love gambling ..hehe ..nice to meet u
  2. "FREEROLL" u can read ,NO DEPOSIT NEEDED, "Play free ,u win, take u monney ,and,withdraw" << if u play with multiply account,u will banned, keep playing for fun with u free to enter this FREEROLL,u not need to deposit,,, just play ,u win,withdraw,...this about FREE bro,,keep smart for free cash,, u can see ,im win with possition 1 tournaments Crazy Wednesday Freeroll,and win 0.05 btc,i withdraw my btc win,and i got monney ...
  3. my luck!!!!...from LAST balance to $257 another one,go upp...!!!!!
  4. i cant do with 50k satoshi..
  5. wow,if i have 50k satosi,can i win with u sett?..or i will loss .?
  6. Bagi agan yang punya settingan BOT yang profit dan aman,mohon share di sini donk gan.... biar bisa sama-sama profit ,walaupun dikit..
  7. no problem... my poker name Aurora20 ,goodluck and see u in the tour...
  8. yeah... come play for free.... my name in poker "Aurora20"
  9. free to enter..and i'm just sharing for free,,, goodluck no problem,,goodluck...
  10. hi brother, just share,, "play free ,u win, take u monney ,and,withdraw"... simple... have a nice day
  11. ok..i'm new,and thank for u suggestion...