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    ktfor57 reacted to MACKY0608 in Thanks   
    Thanks primedice , now i can play better and fast with my new Lenovo desktop, bought 10$ btc and i play primedice , in just 1 day i won 400$. 

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    ktfor57 reacted to Kurian in from 200k to 0.1   
    I am very happy to write this post because here i'm going to explain how i got 0.1 from 200k satoshis. I used dicebot for 7 days. Every day i put bet on 49% win chance with 3.5 multiplier and 1000 basebet. Hit 'stop on win' immediately after ' start high'. no more bets after that. Each day i gradually increased my balance. As your balance gets high you can run it for 1-3 minutes.. When i reached 0.07 i let it run for more time. Within 5 minutes my balance became 0.116.... I was very close to bust but, luck was on my side.. Here i'm attaching screenshot of my bet on HR.

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    ktfor57 reacted to Dan in 📢 Cool new feature!   
    Hi All,
    Today's update includes some cool new chat flair to show off when talking to others on Primedice. Those of you who are active on the forum, will receive a special ? emoji next to there name as a sign of appreciation for your contribution to build this amazing community. Currently the activity meter is determined by activity over a 24 hour period, but we will actively monitor this to see what is best suited to this cool new feature. 
    Thank you once again for being great ambassadors of Primedice, much love!
    Edit: For those who haven't refreshed your Primedice window, you may need to give it a quick reload to be able to see the emoji.
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    ktfor57 reacted to GeertBank in How I made 1 btc on Primedice   
    Today I finally made 1 BTC on Primedice.
    Earlier this month: faucet -> 0.33
    0.33 -> 0.66
    0.66-> 0.3
    0.3 -> 0.6
    0.6 -> 1.3
    I think it is time to stop and save it!
    Thank you all for support in chat!

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    ktfor57 reacted to Zoltan in 🏆 7th Talkative Giveaway 0.1 BTC Pool   
    Note: This giveaway is completely managed by the users hui and Zoltan. Please forward any questions about it to Zoltan!
    Won't use the forum token system yet, so this will be credited straight to your account.
    150 new posts by the end of the giveaway Must have a forum avatar set Prizes:
    The 0.1 BTC Pool will be shared amongst those participants that reach the requirements Rules:
    Anyone caught spamming will be automatically not eligible for this giveaway or any other forum giveaways here on. Only one account per person. If we find you violate that condition you might get banned from all future giveaways!  
    Post your PD username in the following Format:
    Username: Zoltan
    If you use a different format we can't guarantee you get the prize!
    Actual status can be seen here: https://giveaways.primedice.com/2017-21th/index.html
    Giveaway closes on 01. September 2017 20:00 UTC.
    Use a Timezone Converter to find out when the giveaway ends in your local timezone.
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    ktfor57 got a reaction from Carollzinha in Roll roll 12.34 Giveaway   
    All four winners for this giveaway are announced. Congrats to all the winners and to all the participants who tried the giveaway. Thankyou  
    As the giveaway is over, I am closing this post.
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    ktfor57 got a reaction from Carollzinha in Roll roll 12.34 Giveaway   
    congrats @maverick528 hope u win big with 0.0001 prize money  
    Hi Carol, the last prize is still left. Good luck to you 
    Hope, this time you get it soon with 100 satoshi
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    ktfor57 reacted to axchris in 0.004 lost in one go   
    This higher the risk the more reds you will endure for sure and let me give you an early warning on any given day those 13 can easily be 20 trust me I blew my first 0.03 building over weeks in a few seconds on 100x  change to 2x lost 0.02 from the redsea lol.........but then like you said this is not a play thing this is the real real deal lol .....so that is life lol

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    ktfor57 reacted to maverick528 in Provably fair and Primedice RNG   
    Provably fair on PrimeDice and the RNG
    Most people after hitting a long red streak and busting all their money start claiming that PD is not provably fair, and that numbers are not random.
    Lets deal first with the provably fair thing. There is now a definition of it in Wikipedia, if u want to take a look.
    "The comedy duo Bud Abbott and Lou Costello resolved disputes mathematically. Abbott would think of a number 1 to 10. If Costello guessed the number, then the controversy would be resolved in his favour. Otherwise Abbott would prevail.
    Whenever Costello guessed, Abbott would report that he had a different number in mind. Costello puzzled over his losing streak. Why does Abbot always report that Costello picked the wrong number?"
    Cited from a book by Roy Sorensen.
    Its obvious that Costello has no way to verify what number is on Abbot´s mind, so Abbot changes the number he is "thinking" so that he always wins.
    And some people think the same happens on PD, that the number is changed to HIGH when they are betting LOW, and vice versa.
    Provably fair means that there is a way to verify that PD does not change what it rolls depending on your behaviour, that is, the number rolled is totally independent of how much you are betting, if you are betting high or low, if you are betting in manual or auto, the time you take between rolls and the multiplier you are using.
    But to understand how the roll verifier works, we must also understand how the Primedice Random Number Generator or RNG works, so lets talk about that.
    The RNG of PD uses three numbers to generate the roll numbers that you see: 1) a server seed 2) a user seed that can be generated by PD, but you also have the option to set it and 3) the roll number, called nonce(after you change seeds, when you roll the first time nonce is 1, if you roll again nonce is 2 and so on until you change seeds again).
    The rolled numbers that you see are each calculated using the three numbers we mentioned by very complex math functions, first HMAC SHA512 and then some extra manipulation.
    The user seed and the nonce number are things that you can see anytime. PD shows you the server seed in an encrypted way while you are using it. When you change seeds, you can see your previous server seed and you can verify all your previous rolls. There is no way that PD can cheat on you, because the mathematical formula it uses for producing the roll numbers produces the same results if you use the same three numbers as inputs.
    There are 2 elevated to 256 different server seeds, this is a very very big number so that server seeds never repeat.
    The important thing to understand is that when two new seeds are set, all of the rolls are already known before you roll anything. 
    That is, somebody at Primedice office looking at the two seeds can make a looong printout saying the number that will appear on roll #1, which number will appear on roll #2 and so on.
    ALL OF THE NUMBERS that you will roll are already known even before you start betting. (They are not known by you, unfortunately).
    What PrimeDice uses is a precalculated SEQUENCE of PRE ROLLED PSEUDO RANDOM numbers.
    The numbers ARE NOT RANDOM at all. That is why very long sequences of high or low numbers can appear, although the calculus of probabilities show that is almost impossible, we all saw this situation.
    It is not true what some people say that one rolled number is independent of the previous rolled one, probability theory says that, but ONLY for truly random numbers, this does NOT apply on PD.
    There IS a relationship between a number that is rolled and the next, but its sooooo complex that so far nobody could calculate it.
    It also can happen that using certain combinations of seeds some numbers will be rolled several times, and others will never be rolled even if you keep trying with the same seeds for millions of rolls. For example 77.77.
    Some people also say that if you change the seeds it means nothing.
    Lets suppose you are on a sequence of rolls, you are betting low and you get a very long streak of reds.
    When you change seeds, you arrive to a totally different sequence of roll numbers, that is also unknown to you, so it can be better or worse than the one you were using previously.
    Maybe if you kept rolling on your original sequence you were about to reach a zone of lots of greens when you left it, you don´t know that.
    The fact is: changing seeds DOES change the situation, but you don´t know exactly in which way, if it´s for better or for worse.
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    ktfor57 reacted to born2win in What is your choice?   
    What is your choice, gambling with Bitcoin or with fiat? Which one is your preferred? 
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    ktfor57 reacted to WolfBain in Are you a begger ?   
    If your a begger i would love to here what keeps u coming back to pd and how do u feel when banned  and if your not how do you feel about the beggers?
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    ktfor57 got a reaction from mohamedmam in How you felt in your first Giveaway participation   
    Today I gave my entry in 2 Million Users Giveaway started by Edward and am very excited as this is my first participation here in a Giveaway. I do not know whether I will win anything but am more and more liking Primedice now. Thankyou Edward and forum members. I hope all are equally excited.  Good luck to all.
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    ktfor57 got a reaction from Merlin1234 in 1.238x seems a good strategy   
    this works for me 
    1.238x and 80% win chance manual bet         better take one fourth of your bal as bet amount     
    if you win 5 times in a row stop for some time     good luck