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  1. 10.10 casino:118287201435 60.60 casino:118287352724
  2. Hi all !! Today while playing just got idea how about some background tunes or instrumental music while betting, maybe the player has the option of selecting a tune to be played while betting. What is your opinion friends? Just an idea 🙂 Thanks Primedice
  3. have hit 00.00 and 99.99 many times but got on the wrong side. When hunted for 9900x on either side for almost 10K rolls but never got. Those who got are really lucky 😁
  4. very inspiring story. 400 btc is a huge amount to win. It would be interesting to see his bets. I hope he betted on higher multipliers with just 1% or less bet amount.
  5. casino:118046726331 casino:118046767642
  6. casino:117962500358 casino:117962500567
  7. my wager is much more than many and occasional chatting but no rain so would like to know rain details. any post on how to get rain? thankyou
  8. both are equally good but like primedice more. dont understand the new stake games
  9. Mango is like king of fruits Mango and banana are favourites
  10. Bet: 117,442,201,247 Bet: 117,442,201,418
  11. Bet: 117,345,339,960 Bet: 117,345,340,237