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  1. Hello, only want to announce quick the result of the voting: With 83 of 100 votes PD chat agreed that the smaller units of ETH should be called Methoshi! (17 votes were missing because some people were busy with beg-PMs) We believe that most players are more familliar with Meth than with "eth" and wont have big issues remembering its Name. Besides this it also involves a lovely and hidden hint where cryptos actually come from. We believe the relation to Meth could cause some of the great effect of Meth jumping over to Etherium. Examples of sublimal mechanism: -I have to get some! NOW! -I need more! -I feel so good -Hey, I have some and will share with you! As you can see by only a few examples already: Methoshi are pure improvement! Noobs call it addiction - insider know its PASSION Get some Methoshi now! Fck! I sacrified my balance for bringing those news to you - Means: It made me a better person
  2. First! Thank you!!!! And thanks so much for the Promo: "1 ETH to the first 4 to comment on this topic". Best promo EVER! ❤️❤️❤️
  3. I know, 90% maybe are not really here for fun. But for all those who simply love to roll it would be awesome having Playmoney as currency. Also it would be ideal to test strategies.... As far as I see there is only one site which has Playmoney as currency and I might be the only dumb player who actually buys Playmoney with Bitcoins just to always have something to roll. But MAYBE im not the only one who would find it cool. At least for me I know id never had to claim any faucets again if there was Playmoney to roll when BTC balance went down.
  4. What an honor... Thank you And thanks to everyone for the nice welcome....
  5. Hey welcome. You figured out how it goes Glad when at least the translation has quality - content probably has no quality so far
  6. Bet: 22,325,437,415 placed by Veronica88 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,455,491 placed by Veronica88 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000050 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000200 Bet: 22,325,420,595 placed by Veronica88 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000080 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000320 Bet: 22,325,424,782 placed by Veronica88 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000080 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000320 Bet: 22,325,447,724 placed by Veronica88 on Invalid Date Wagered 0.00000150 Multiplier 5.00x Profit 0.00000600
  7. Same, same :)) awoooo Cheers handsome
  8. Please upload me a video of at least 1 hour and show me how you solve Captchas. After that we will check how you perform in very stressfull situations under time-pressure. If everything is fine id love to welcome you in our anti-captcha team.
  9. But forgot to introduce myself and need the post-counts. As you probably all know: I am Veronica and I run a Captcha-Solving service. I can help you to solve Faucet-Captchas. All you have to do is make a screenshot of the Captcha and send it to me. Me and my team then will start to resolve it and will send you back a screenshot with the right choices. Due to the high demand, it might take up to 3h until we are able to reply. Please be patient!
  10. I am speachless..... What a action to get here. Only to see that my bet amount was changed by the bot from 100 to 25. Of course its my fault that I didnt check the settings better but there were only minutes to go and I was in rush... What a fail. Really sad about that. BetID: 18000000007
  11. username: Veronica88 date 17.July 2017 14.14
  12. switching upper-lower every bet or every 2nd bet will make it more unikely to get more than 5 reds in a row.
  13. if youre playing with bot its very easy to cancel out the risk of getting many reds. Just set it so that its resetting the bet after X losses or multiply only by hundert or do it only every second loss in a row. Of course you wont make profit when it hits the green but you will build up more stable and having losses reduced on a minimum risk level. Will all work okay but 100k from faucet with this.... I dont think so.
  14. Veronica34 Veronica334 VERONICABANK and three others where I dont remember password anymore but guess tat doesnt matter