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  1. woah that was quite brilliant. Will try that some other time, at least when I got that amount in my account lol
  2. i suggest you try to save as early as you have doubled your capital.. place it in your bank account then play the remaining. In that way, whether the left over wins or lose, still you have something in the bank.
  3. Honestly speaking, I am not sure if someone already won it. But I am pretty much sure that we are all winners upon getting enjoyment while gambling.
  4. thanks for the tip dude.. hope it really works
  5. in addition to that, learn to love yourself.. and everything will follow
  6. tasty to the tongue, damage on the inside.
  7. i think not yet.. cause i'm still trying to stop myself everytime my balance goes down to zero. LOL
  8. mhikky


    Hi!! Welcome to the club. from philippines here too
  9. mhikky

    Mhikky here!

    really? that was cool.. try the perfect beaches here also.. like boracay
  10. My cousin know about bitcoins and was the one to introduce this to me. I'm thankful he did.
  11. my cousin introduced about bitcoins few months ago.. however haven't received any yet on my wallet. still struggling to earn then spend it
  12. congrats badguy!! you deserved it!! btw, what's the hunting event? wanna try too
  13. online gambling has less effort to exert.. it's just a one gadget away than travel to go to a casino LOL
  14. i do agree with the notification thing so that we are reminded on how many minutes or hours we have to wait until we can claim again. And in addition to the faucet notification, it would also be nice if selecting square thing would be changed into typing words to make sure that no bots are playing.