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  1. oh man, that was difficult question for me. If i know who sent it i will be returned, but if no... i will returned also lol. That is bad mistake if someone doing that, and i am not try to get benefit from others who's doing a mistake.
  2. I learn to do that, was have a bad run in a past. Without target and mostly greed even played. Starting ste back my play guideline to withdraw.
  3. I have been here 3 years or so... Sadly i lost my old account on PD, so just create on 2016. I want exist here.
  4. Not yet on HR here, maybe i will try next time. Neede huge bankroll to do that.
  5. Just curious try write here, that awesome Hello guys,introduce my name hexa, noob here and with respect asking you olduser here. maybe advice ora something like that to starting on this forum. Regards