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  1. Welcome back @ChuckyFucky.. So glad that oldtimers didn't forget this PD community.. Goodluck!
  2. I'm glad that your son is back to normal. Sometimes it just happen that god give us trials to make us stronger.
  3. Full time mom here. Sideline ko lang po ang pagbi-bitcoin, nagagawa ko lang kapag natapos na sa mga Gawain and/or tulog na ang mga bagets..
  4. am I late? Lol I'm from philippines, our dialect is Tagalog but most of us understand English but not so good in it.
  5. Mine was "One more Chance" Filipino from here will definitely know this..
  6. Hehe. Yes po.. And favorite ko yan c kristel.super angelic ng voice Nya..
  7. I want to be alone and think what should I do .
  8. thank you for reminding me this.. I always ended up busted, better luck om me next time..
  9. This is my fave song, Versace on the floor in kristel fulgar cover.. try to listen guys..??
  10. Username: Rina0109 Joined date: 06.30.2017
  11. Thank you for sharing your strat.. Hope this works for me too.. Grats!