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    momo reacted to 420BlazeItFgt in [0.06 a week] 2nd Forum Heroes!   
    Sorry to be blunt here, but I don't consider your 'streaming giveaway' threads as quality posts at all. Users will end up giving you reputation points for your threads either ways because its a 'giveaway' so yeah it works for you streamers to end up on top of the boards while people struggling to make quality posts will remain below.
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    momo reacted to cryptsforum in Set a Goal   
    I often notice that setting a goal makes my life a lot easier. For instances, lets say i start at 100, my goal would be to double that. Now of course i must realize i have only one '100' so must be very careful, at least in the beginning; can go a little more risk as you earn towards your goal. So, I would say start off with a bet of 1 and double on loss. thus, starting the doubling affect. (You want triple then triple on loss.) So with this double method i know i have 100 chances. So now i set a short goal. to get 125, then 150, then 175, then 200 assuming all goes well. Now that i have doubled the investment. I will bank 100 and try again. I will repeat reaching my goal over and over and over again... and eventually have One thousand '100's lol
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    momo got a reaction from WolfBain in What do you use to play pd and how do you play   
    I switch up between laptop and mobile...I only do manual on mobile but on laptop I'll alternate between auto and some manual bets here and there.