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  1. How tf y'all winning 15 in a row lol? I can barely get 3 in a row JK just got lucky and won 8 Username: momo Bet ID #1: 21,520,327,427 Bet ID #2: 21,520,327,636 BET ID #3: 21,520,327,800 Bet ID #4: 21,520,327,977 BET ID #5: 21,520,328,268 BET ID #6: 21,520,328,508 BET ID #7: 21,520,328,641 BET ID #8: 21,520,328,975
  2. Username: momo Thank you and happy holidays!
  3. Hey you never know, maybe all that bad luck in one day means you'll have good karma going forward!
  4. See if people deposit, they won't stop after a set amount of profit. That's what happens when you're greedy, you just keep going and inevitably bust. Whereas if all you put in is the faucet, you have nothing to lose.
  5. It's not about the price, it's about the volatility. It's WAY too volatile to be used as a currency or store of value right now. Look at the dollar for example. The reason it's used as a standard is because it doesn't jump like 100% every week. Until bitcoin levels off, it can't be properly used as a currency.
  6. Yeah that's to incentivize people to deposit instead of just waiting for the faucet all day. Also this is a lofty goal lol. You can do it if you're REALLY patient and disciplined, but most people won't make it that far.
  7. A lot of it is due to media attention and it being more mainstream than ever before. With constant press and big-name companies rolling out projects involving cryptocurrencies or blockchain, the average Joe starts to hear more about bitcoin and wants to check it out. And since there's such a huge amount of money piling in, the bulls are just pushing it up and up.
  8. I used to be active on a gaming forum a few years ago and saw some people promoting PD, decided to check it out one day and liked it.
  9. Fair enough, can't argue with that. Yeah but sheer luck also works pretty well.
  10. Haha no bamboozle here, but thanks. At least it's making people more attentive! And now I feel like the boy who cried wolf lol.
  11. momo

    Time for a vacation

    I'm gonna leave for a retreat in a few days and I'll be there for about a month or so. I'll be trekking through parts of Europe and meeting up with friends and family along the way, should be a good time. More than likely not gonna have reliable internet access and even if I do I probably won't use it. So I guess I'll see you guys in a month(even though I'm still here for a few more days lol). Have any of you gone on vacation recently?
  12. Haha this is super accurate. I rage betted super hard earlier and was so frustrated to the point where I didn't even care if I lost everything.
  13. Ended up stopping at .25 before my luck ran out. Had some very close calls though. A few times it was over 90 or under 10 multiple times in a row and I thankfully trusted my gut and switched. Very satisfied with today.
  14. Update: I screwed up and dropped down to .02 but it's ok because I recovered it back up to .2 Gonna aim for .25 and then I really need to stop.