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  1. Thank you sir for this contest. Wishing you all Goodluck!!!
  2. Try and try until you win... good luck for tomorw sis maybe tomorow is your lucky day and you will get 2× of what u lost the other day?
  3. Wow congrats PD team great job more millions to come....? im happy that i am one of them.
  4. Thank you sir for giving this guideline. This guideline is big help for the new member like me...?
  5. Celyn

    Celebrity crush

    My celebrity crush is Leonardo de Caprio he is sexy and yummy as romio????
  6. Celyn

    Real Life Pictures!

    not an alien???? I want to know wath he looks like push it guys????
  7. Im new in this kind of sites. This is my first site that i play that is really gain bits i touth its only joke but its real thanks to her ____ because u put me here? i hope!!! i can win more bits in pdg.... I love this site....
  8. Celyn

    Dream Job?

    My dream job is to be come a FA but because of my hight i cnt persue tht dream....