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  1. @rack001 @Jenn09 I don't have strategy when playing that time. Just pre roll and follow my feelings.
  2. Not big profit tho. But profit is profit, right?
  3. Thank you! Best of luck to you next time too.
  4. @akosiasin that's a lesson learned for me.
  5. I agreed. Wanting more will make you lost all.
  6. I hope this method will work for me too. Thanks!
  7. I relate with you. When it comes to my own money I busted. But if it's from tip I won big most of the time.
  8. I got problem with my Internet connection too. It end up ruining my strategy.
  9. True. Like before I made 0.01 to 0.993 btc and I try to make 0.007 more. I end up busting all. Lmao Yes it is. Greediness kills all our balance.
  10. I spent my winnings for my son and to my family too ?
  11. I use 30% chance. I start with 248 sats bet and I double every 10 red or when I feel the next roll will be green. Deym. Sorry to hear that. I hope the next day will be a good day for you. Indeed. I have to control my self. I will set a target next time. Thanks for the advice.