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  1. Doing manual it's hard bro I can't do like u I can just go with one stats can't double or less it
  2. That's cool bro amazing luck u have
  3. I get 5 reds on 90% hope it's don't give again if it give I can bust easy
  4. That's nice u take faucet to .012 but y u greed
  5. Congrats dude hope u win more in future
  6. Need to close this topic Thanku And hope no abuse on future giveaway
  7. That's good that everyone get the share of prize
  8. Great keep it up gl for next time
  9. Bad luck some time it's happened maybe u could get green if u r lucky
  10. 2x with 75% increase change sides after 5 bets bets work
  11. 1.5x never works for me on first bet I loss all don't know y it's very hard little payout But big payout very good for me