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    BitCoinMNR reacted to Kristoffff in Pitbully for mod !!!!   
    Pretty sure people can send out their resumé if they are keen and feel like they want to contribute on primedice/forum.
    It's not because there are currently no open positions you can't apply. When there are open spots, I'm sure they will consider everyone who applied.
    I don't feel like this actually had to be made into a fresh topic. If pitbully wants to apply for mod, he can always do so.
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    BitCoinMNR reacted to Seuntjie in DiceBot - The most awesomest betting bot for Bitcoin Dice Games   
    If you're using the programmer mode, yes. In the programmer mode, you can use the tip function, see the functions/methods box for the parameters.
    If you're using the advanced mode, no, but you can set up auto withdrawal if your balance goes over a limit.
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    BitCoinMNR got a reaction from Bojana in HowTo DiceBot for first time user   
    Just google it.
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    BitCoinMNR got a reaction from RollingYourHead in HowTo DiceBot for first time user   
    Just google it.
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    BitCoinMNR got a reaction from maliafka in HowTo DiceBot for first time user   
    Just google it.
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    BitCoinMNR reacted to derghost in Primedice visual/comfort plugin (PVCP)   
    Primedice Visual/Comfort Plugin

     i saw something that i would love to change, i just did it. 

    current feature(version 0.35)
    hide rollbar
    shrink result list
    new seed button
    safemode (max button hidden)
    removed scrollbar to the right (stopping the strange movement of the screen)

    required: tampermonkey (http://tampermonkey.net/)
    updateurl: http://gamble.ghost-server.de/pvcp.js

    i will keep this post and the update url the same, so you can check both before updating or not. 

    only consider the auto update of external scripts via tampermonkey if you trust the source, it may harm your deposits
    it would be easy to withdraw all your money if i would want to with auto update active/without checking the script.
    // ==UserScript== // @name Primedice Visual/Comfort Plugin (PVCP) // @namespace http://gamble.ghost-server.de/ // @version 0.35 // @description try to take over the world! // @author derghost // @require https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js // @match https://primedice.com/play // @grant none // ==/UserScript== (function() { 'use strict'; $('body') .prepend( $('<button/>').addClass('btn').attr({style:"position: fixed;top: 198px; left: 375px; height: 40px; width: 140px;z-index:9999;"}) .text("t.safemod") .click( function() { var maxbutton = null; var spans = $('.dice__control__button span'); spans.each(function() { if ($(this).text() == "max") maxbutton = $(this); }) if (maxbutton.is(":visible")) maxbutton.parent().hide(); else maxbutton.parent().show(); } ) ) .prepend( $('<button/>').addClass('btn').attr({style:"position: fixed;top: 157px; left: 375px; height: 40px; width: 140px;z-index:9999;"}) .text("t.smaller") .click( function() { if ($('#tablestylechanged').length !== 0) $('#tablestylechanged').remove(); else $('body').prepend($('<style/>').attr('id','tablestylechanged').text(".index__game-stats__table li span, .index__game-stats__list, .index__game-stats { padding: 1px 0; }")); } ) ) .prepend( $('<button/>').addClass('btn').attr({style:"position: fixed;top: 116px; left: 375px; height: 40px; width: 140px;z-index:9999;"}) .text("t.rollbar") .click( function(){ if ($('.index__home__indicator').is(":visible")) { $('.index__home__indicator').hide(); } else { $('.index__home__indicator').show(); } } ) ) .prepend( $('<button/>').addClass('btn').attr({style:"position: fixed;top: 75px; left: 375px; height: 40px; width: 140px;z-index:9999;"}) .text("new seed") .click(function(){ $('.fair__modal__content__wrap').find('.btn').click(); }) ) .append($('<style/>').text("html { -ms-overflow-style: none; overflow: -moz-scrollbars-none; }")) .append($('<style/>').text("::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; }")); setTimeout(function(){ var spans = $('.dice__control__button span'); console.log(spans); spans.each(function() { if ($(this).text() == "max") $(this).parent().hide(); }) },1000); })();

    version 0.1:
    the new seed button
    version 0.2:
    as bitcoinmnr wishes the toggle rollbar button ("t.rollbar")
    version 0.3:
    shrink result list toggle ("t.smaller")
    version 0.31 
    changed width of buttons
    version 0.33
    added safemode toggle, no max button on load ("t.safemod")
    version 0.34
    removed scrollbar to the right (suppress strange window moves)
    version 0.35
    fixed a bug where buttons in automated betting was hidding aswell as the max button

    next to come: 
    button <-> chat response (if chat not displayed, move button to the left)
    increase % button (just a button "increase" and a box with the % amount to increase current bet amount) (for manual gambling)


    - derghost, gamble responsible
    p.s: if you like, feel free to tip
    and dont forget to like it if you use it  
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    BitCoinMNR reacted to WolfBain in Wolfgames whitelist   
    Wolfgames is an in chat multigame platform with games such as rool hunt,high or low,trivia and quest,maths and various other games that allow users to jave a chance at reciveing prizes.WolfGames is a self and group funded  game sponsered by myself and other member of the community if you feel the need to donate towards its fund you can send donation to the acct named:WolfGames. 
    Below you will find the white listing for this game that shows who is able to play 
    All support and mod staff
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    BitCoinMNR reacted to abbas50 in Abbas50 giveaways its anew topic u r welcome guys   
    well i have been giving alot of ppl giveaways as tips in the chat of primedice but now i will make it every here and then to give from the forums so i get more popular lol.
    first 100 people put ur nickname here i will be giving 0.002 to each one in total of 0.2 btc  soo lets see  
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    BitCoinMNR reacted to Rene in Win or lose we forever love PD   
    Ever notice how one day your betting goes so well, you make so much money, enough to send tips of 20k satoshis to friends and then the next day you lose it all even your initial deposit. I guess the trick is to learn when to stop, send money to your bank or just withdraw, and then start afresh the next day.
    I still love PD no matter how many reds I get,  the rains by mods,  @WolfBain @MrButtons  streamers @Carollzinha @DMTripp27 @OlegBarca and others @Veronica88 @cryptscoinsx and all the lovely members of Primedice make the community worth it.