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  1. Unlimited is here so yeah its going to happen
  2. username : BitCoinMNR bet ID: 18,000,000,104bet ID: 17,999,999,963
  3. username: BitCoinMNR date: 20.07.2017 17:17:17
  4. Doing a video for new users to bitcoin that want to join primedice and am looking for a wallet to recommend. Tell me what you use with the pros and cons if you found any ( like if it has other cryptocurrency as well or if it has offline wallet option also ). And the fees associated with it for recieving and sending bitcoin are probably the most important at the moment. The one that i will choose from your comments will get a 50k tip
  5. if you are like me always in touch with mining news and update you probably are already familiar with this i recomend this as a must watch for anyone who havent seen it yet its pretty amazing from the first rig build in 2013 when 1 BTC was $350 it covers everything until 2017 this is just one of the many stories from bitcoin miners also this answers many question that its not worth to mine anymore, not at an affordable for beginners level at least. enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heiPMY9gOWg
  6. This is an interesting video that will answer and debate in the comments many GPU related questions about the current and upcoming cards that are most suitable for miners its a july edition so its all hot news ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_oHQPWRWnQ
  7. thats why is hard to please everybody but win some loose some give some away and all will be happy just remember to have fun
  8. can you like refraze this in 4 words or less maybe ill read it :))
  9. until pay per post persists we have to deal with spam its a price payed by all. ignorance is bliss proven by mods also
  10. As Caroll mentioned a minimum 1 mil is needed but i recommend at least 2 mil to make a good impression
  11. sounds very time consuming and not worth it. to me at least so i dont think anyone would do this with 100 sat faucet but maybe you are right
  12. lets see how many can we collect even if its not the all wanted 77.77 on high bet still is fun to see i saw Caroll hit it 2 times in very short period of time any of you have some like this to share ?
  13. Big bet with low expectations fail worst part is when you loose by hitting the exact same number
  14. good luck pulling it off sucks when this happens, should hold collateral in bank or smth, lucky not that high amount. good luck
  15. First off congrats for Maverick for the initiative and second i just want to congratulate all participants for the contest and wish them good luck
  16. If this is still open i would like to nominate @WolfBain thanks
  17. @Bojana Great, Friendly @Irena Best, Friendly @Milan Great, Helpful @Mirela Great, Serious @Vladimir Great, Helpful