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  1. make it 3 entries i will pay the last 2 !
  2. anyone hit 11.00 with at least 1k minimum bet will enter in a random org giveaway only the first 2399 entries will be eligible starting bet id is 18,784,923,783 you have 24 hours best of luck !
  3. @Bes19 recieved thank you and good luck
  4. Just a heads up for new users when you have the Bot running you wont be able to bet on PD site also in the same time. Also if i get positive feedback i will do the next one about the Bot functions and settings as i mentioned before. Good luck to all
  5. The truth be said i dont like ship as animal i dont eat it nor i would keep one as pet :)) yeah i cal that one ship not sheep becose its fucking rainbow colored lol , kinda gay no offense i just choose the best between childish and gay to describe it. its just my honest opinion it has nothing to do with you as a primedice player or with the quality of the stream that is 10 out of 10 in my list and i really like it. Trump is ok to make fun about Hope u wont mind me saying this Good luck and if the majority votes ship the hell yeah long live SHIP
  6. Just accept the fact that given any balance and any strategy LUCK is needed no such thing as just winning big and ez, win some loose some just have fun . It is true that with higher balance you have higher chance of winning. Its the same for everyone i for example went up to 3 mil from 10k tips that i just kept until i hit 250k then started playing the biggest strike was 2mil 128k and i sad fuck it like literally fuck it and go for 3 mil. If you think about it from a statistical way from 200k or so to 2 mil its a god damn thank you very much PD love you and rain on others at least 200k point . But no we cant stop and that is why we are here. I just hope that we can learn and share and maybe somehow get the necesary discipline to take a pretty decent win and just go again next time. And yes i lost it all after win there comes a loosing strike its inevitable. So instead of feeling bad take solace in the fact that others loose more and try to be less greedy next time. Good luck to us all ! Also watching youtube about new stuff always helps me think about other stuff
  7. There is other versions also like for FireFox : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/open-two-factor-authenticator/ And Opera : https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/saaspass-single-sign-on/?display=en I am not a MAC user so if anyone can or want to share just comment.
  8. Thanks for the follow and support guys will be doing the first giveaway in live stream later after Bubbura so in 3 hours or so yeah 1 mil recoverd
  9. Username: BitCoinMNR Joined date: 06.25.2017
  10. great work probably many will be using it i never ever changed seed since in joined so i don't think am gonna do that now what i could use is a show / hide roll bar button
  11. Congrats to all the participants for me you all are winners thanks pd for the contest
  12. R.I.P. will be missed was a big fan ...
  13. Nice one. hope you get a lot of subscribers best of luck
  14. Believe it or not the biggest loss i always had on the smallest possible payout 1.01 X with 98 % winchance. It was crazy, i will try and take it ez and go slow with small but constant steady wins. Wish you best of luck to recover and also hit many nr: 2.00 Good Luck !
  15. Great work very good story also. Good luck and keep up the good job
  16. Starting tomorrow i will start to recover my negative balance and bring it back to zero. So after that i can finally start to play for wins I will update this thread periodically on the way, so you can follow my story. With every 1 mil i will recover i will do a 100 K giveaway for active forum members who follow me and this topic Good luck to everyone ! Update#1 : To avoid spam for pay per post i will only be updating the main topic. Thanks so much guys for all the luck and good wishes, i first got rid of that ugly extra 67444 i'll go for the next 500 K now. Update#2 : It is even more difficult now that i keep track of it. Went up well over 0.062 a few times until i managed a small but decent decrease considering i started playing with 10 K, i am now down to 0.0590. Update#3 : Not bad guys am down to 0.0217 was very lucky so far is going faster then expected. P.S. Forgot to mention an important fact, i will not deposit so its only gonna be the faucet and rain and giveaways that will make this almost a "mission impossible"
  17. just combine the two and there you have it perfect way as long as the overall profit is on plus
  18. maybe we will get an official specific order am guessing support is not to be bothered since there are so many mods for forum.
  19. Was wondering what would be the most efficient way to close a topic. I was using the @ aimed at Dan to ask and thank for closing a topic. He cant be on line 24/7 and that is normal. Probably as mods already know there are a lot of ppl just posting (wont call it spam) but reply without reading the main post or the last post. So was wondering what would be the most efficient way to ask for a topic to be closed ? look for on line mods at that time or just quote more mods in a specific order ? Thank you
  20. Yes just ignore theres nothing you or anyone can do about that. Sad part is when you see ppl like ... wont give names i have enough hate already. But old users are the worst when they come out only when there is tipping in chat, and do passive begging like complain and shit. So yeah just move on tell the cat to ignore it should be fine
  21. 1st choice no deposit = no chance to win more. 2nd choice deposit = chance to win some. So why wait.