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  1. with so many ppl starting from support members pd moderators and forum moderators that do not actually talk amongst each other anyone can just delete a topic or comment without any warning or actually debating it. also just handing out warnings based on personal happiness level so if one feels frustrated can take it out on anyone and anyhow. this is currently the forum 

    not that it will change anything or it wont get deleted but where we complain about staff abuse ?

  2. On 7/27/2017 at 02:37, ullikah said:

    Well , sorry I only have one vote per day and I already gave it away...

    I was talking in general not you per say :D unless it has anything to do with a giveaway doesnt matter what you post you wont get vote, many will post saying ty for that pay per post and that is all.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Br1 said:

    ok thank you, i will open up a thread like this later once my funds got cleared from pending status :/

    just be sure to make the rules clear it can be a pain in the lower back part :)) need to state starting bet id , so ppl dont use older bets and also like minimum bet amount, if the bet must be winner or doesnt matter . good luck 

  4. On 7/25/2017 at 22:59, Bitlol22 said:

    It is intresting proposition. How much prizepool are you plan?

    open for suggestion could be 1k sat entry or more depends what the majority would like

  5. This comes as a giveaway aimed at ppl who are allready hunting their numbers for the abbas and Irena giveaway . But anyone can enter.

    Post as many bet ids as possible until "The competition will end on the July 28th, at 8 PM GMT."

    Min bet is 100 sat must be GREEN Winner only and a perfect 11.00 hit , starting bet id is 18,110,587,000

    First one with most Hits gets 50 K , second gets 25 K and third gets 10 K

    Good luck !