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  1. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! Must be so hot in Greece does Partizan have any chance ? Good luck !
  2. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! Who will win on the beautiful Amsterdam Arena ? Good luck !
  3. The game ended 1-1 and Juve won at penalty. The winner is @maliafka gets 3 points and 50 K 1 point goes to cocacola HJIe6 Nimfomanka vinka76 ampula mmo21st Lexus19 RollingYourHead antiS
  4. with so many ppl starting from support members pd moderators and forum moderators that do not actually talk amongst each other anyone can just delete a topic or comment without any warning or actually debating it. also just handing out warnings based on personal happiness level so if one feels frustrated can take it out on anyone and anyhow. this is currently the forum not that it will change anything or it wont get deleted but where we complain about staff abuse ?
  5. why did you give that warning ? who asked you ?

    1. Mirela


      I have given you an explanation in the warning also - asking for reputation is not allowed on the forum.

    2. BitCoinMNR


      I never asked for reputation ! i even posted quality topic where not only is no pay per post but even reputation cant be given. I only told ppl after they won and did not even read the rules before posting  that it was in every post and it was clear and agreed by many to give reputation one time only to one main post. So by making it a rule to enter a game that i pay from my money for what even Dan gave reputation was ok until you came along and thought hey lets mess this up hence the 1 point warning ! Well thanks from me and everyone who participated you killed it ! feel free to ban me am done with pd forum.

    3. Mirela


      I do not see how I messed or as you said 'killed' anything by giving you warning for something I stated in the warning itself. We appreciate your giveaways and other contributions you have made to this forum, and I personally think you have a lot of quality posts here. One warning does not delete the topic nor does it make less available for continuation, actually it can be considered as a pointer/advice.

  6. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! Good luck !
  7. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! The first match was 1-3 can Kiev beat the Swiss with home advantage ? Good luck !
  8. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! The first match was 0-1 can Bate loose with home advantage ? Good luck !
  9. You are not a CSKA fan > >? i thought that every russian is a Moskow fan
  10. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! The first match was 2-0 can CSKA loose with home advantage ? This being the first match from the new round everyone gets 5 points. Good luck !
  11. PLEASE READ the main topic first BEFORE POSTING ! Use the following format ONLY ! Team A 1 - 2 and winner in case of draw or other score Team A or Team B example to copy and use : Roma 1 - 2 PSG winner PSG Good Luck !
  12. The game ended 3-2 for Barca. 3rd loss in a row for Zidan damn . Early goal from Messi in the 3rd min and 2 beautiful assist by Neymar for Rakitić and Piqué who both scored Ty NEYMAR ! The winner is @CntryBoy 100 K and 3 points 1 point goes to Nimfomanka cocacola TickleMoney Kingarthur ampula maliafka RollingYourHead OlegBarca rembo2 dudzhadjerel tomuco MadCraft 5 points go to Earthman Nimfomanka 11111111 cocacola TickleMoney CntryBoy 1RegisterNow Kingarthur HJIe6 ampula btcAlice maliafka RollingYourHead browndice OlegBarca rembo2 showrov1993 Lexus19 mgod dudzhadjerel tomuco MadCraft hussainbbcr7 Kargai
  13. The game ended 3-0 for Man. City no winner this time 1 point goes to Nimfomanka cocacola mgod CntryBoy RollingYourHead Kingarthur showrov1993 Lexus19 tomuco MadCraft Kargai