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  1. On 7/16/2017 at 12:37, king0007 said:

    Base bet 70

    Payout 7x 

    On loss 10% increase

    On profit no change

    Should have more then .02

    well said..from my experience at primedice there no others ways...just follow your heart..if u think about the strategy u will get hit by house eage.

  2.            i was think if primedice admin will use the capital without making the player waiting for so long...i mean the primedice can claim back all the  Current unconfirmed transactions soon...this idea will good for instant deposit...so primedice must have spare money.  guys i just think about the solution couse i am tired also to waiting deposit until got sleepy..the problem also facing by all players..this is just my suggestion..by the way i am so soryy my english not good as well

  3. i am at 56k roll on 9900x almost a month....i can felt it the the number is on the way...guys please pray for me...honestly i never hunting this far i am not new..i been hunting and hit 9900x many times before..but this the last one is quit hard..like what moderator hui said..he been seen the real hunting on 60k red...

  4. On 8/9/2017 at 16:58, Han2x said:

    It's been a while and I enjoy staying and chitchatting at Primedice chat. Gain lots of friends and enemies. But I have some question in my mind if I have a chance to meet some girls here in PD and date that girl, "Who is she?". I like to date @Irena. Why? Because I like to clear out to her the alts in forum issue. lol. :)

    How about you guys? Who? and Why?

    haha......still think about it.