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  1. hmmmm,,,,,,,,i am not sure that will be real story for all.
  2. i felt a little bit sad since my account got banned from primedice :( guys help me to get back my account..i really need it..i never scam anyone yet.


  3. amanku

    Hello guys

    nice to meet you and welcome home!!!!!!!!!! the best place to relax !!
  4. dont be dream high my friend...that possible to do even with any strats..well good luck by the way.
  5. username :amanku hye there friends (-_______-) (9__9)
  6. amanku


    well said..from my experience at primedice there no others ways...just follow your heart..if u think about the strategy u will get hit by house eage.
  7. if i got that 100btc ..the first thing i will do..i will convert the half into cash money..and ofcouse will gambler some and make more rain at primedice..
  8. i was think if primedice admin will use the capital without making the player waiting for so long...i mean the primedice can claim back all the Current unconfirmed transactions soon...this idea will good for instant deposit...so primedice must have spare money. guys i just think about the solution couse i am tired also to waiting deposit until got sleepy..the problem also facing by all players..this is just my suggestion..by the way i am so soryy my english not good as well
  9. i am at 56k roll on 9900x almost a month....i can felt it the the number is on the way...guys please pray for me...honestly i never hunting this far i am not new..i been hunting and hit 9900x many times before..but this the last one is quit hard..like what moderator hui said..he been seen the real hunting on 60k red...
  10. the truth about the post is...only gambler will fall in love with gambler.. i am right at that point?
  11. Well said Lemur...the most thing happens is always be in sad mood...but as a real gambler we know the risk ..no pain no gain...my advice for new think before u join in.
  12. well said bro..anyway we already have stake.com so think just carry on.
  13. i was think about it and back to the old one.....we need a vote so admin can created it back....just give answer yes or no?