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  1. = Thanks for all the warm welcomes from old names and new ones. Hope the community is great will get back into some streams this weekend as well see you lovely people there #RELEASETHEKRAKEN LOL
  2. Hello everyone, AXCHRIS HAS NOT DIED LOL BIG SHOUT OUT TO MODS SUPPORT AND OWNERS OF PRIMEDICE. I just want to say HELLO to everyone and I do really TRULY MISS THE COMMUNITY while being away. I joined primedice a few months back and was very happy here I DRANK ATE AND SLEPT primedice lol however I had to disappear for a bit after a RED STREAK from a naughty 4x lol but we all live and learn not to walk away from the computer while auto bet is on lol. I really went off to do some research into the other areas in the crypto space. So been doing some trading some coin collecting and some other forms of investing. I will be back soon to give the chat some trouble and the mods once all my investments go well. LOL good luck to all those here playing strong and hard. BITCOIN IS RUNNING DOWN 10K WHEN IT REACHES THAT WE WILL ALL BE ON THE MOON GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AXCHRIS
  3. @eldrindcm This happens to the best of us its called 'HUMAN ERROR' lol fortunetely we are not perfect sometimes small things slip our minds it has happened to me and many others while playing. Always check your settings especially the base bet and increase % on loss in your case. Keep a wider eye open and it will come to you and best of luck in the future rolls axchris
  4. You have always shared Great energy congrats like always on your success the energy from the community here will continue those GOOD LUCK GREENS GOOD LUCK @Jenn09
  5. = Hello Everyone, It has been a min since I been on PrimeDice I just want to say that I love posting things I actually came off primedice because of some hints, I maybe going to hard on the content posts however, I don't post for the money to be fair I post because I think the content will help others make money and in turn from this if I get a little payment for this then I am ok with that. I dont own PRIMEDICE SO!!!!!!! the bigger question I will ask is how much you all can afford to give individuals as payment for quality content, In the background I am sure people have deductions due to poor or duplicated content from the net. Is there a case where each person gets 10 paid posts per day or 5 or 2 similar to the likes on primedice where you only get one per 24hours. I dont think we need to fight or kill or make it seem like a bigger issue than it is, I can solve it just let me know when yall ready lol I LOVE YOU ALL BUT PLEASE DON'T LET THERE BE A POST ABOUT IF TO GIVE OUT MONEY OR HOW MUCH MONEY ALL THE TIME THAT WILL DETER PEOPLE FROM COMING HERE ALL TOGETHER. HAVE FUN GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOUR ROLLS. I CAN ALSO TELL YOU WHO LOOKS TO RAPE THE PPP system the same beggars that come in the chat and realize hey wait I can use the forum that has been the problem for a while the beggars get rid of them once and for all. OUTSIDE OF THEM ITS JUST THE FAMILY AND WE ARE HERE TO MAKE MONEY EITHER BY GAMBLING OR SHARING QUALITY CONTENT SO WE ALL CAN BE RICH TOGETHER LOL............. HAVE A GREAT DAY !
  6. = Username : axchris @Zoltan THANKS as usual for the community share Lol always speculation huh fridgecoinlifestyles LOL DO IT BIT ONE TIME LOL GOOD LUCK TO ALLLL!!!
  7. anytime man always willing to share some good info for those who maybe in different platforms. No problem man was a great read on hearing about the move to the 'internet of things' Gainfully for us or not I am a bit lost as to what your saying maybe you need to expand some more "less is more" isn't always the case explain yourself. Gainfully for who you or me this questions seems infinitely broad
  8. Khia - My Neck, My Back (HQ / Dirty) - YouTube Song :Original My Neck, My back lick my p***** and my crack Axchris remix: My Neck, My back lick my 'banasage' and my crack Freddy Got Fingered (2001) "Banasage Got Fingered" Username: axchris (primedice)
  9. "SatoshiPay phases out Bitcoin, partners with IOTA Foundation" "SatoshiPay, a blockchain-based nanopayments company that enables digital transactions on a micro-scale, today announced its partnership with the IOTA Foundation to explore replacing Bitcoin with IOTA as the company’s settlement network." (taken from website) 17 July 2017 Will this news affect the Operation of PRIMEDICE in any way. If so how would it and what will it mean for the players. https://medium.com/@SatoshiPay/satoshipay-phases-out-bitcoin-partners-with-iota-foundation-b7927b76a63d
  10. = Do Not try to go chase the money you have lost try to chase the new money you have not won yet is my suggestion RAGE AND REVENGE ATTEMPTS BRING EVEN MORE REDS axchris
  11. = This legit happened lost 0.03 to me already while multitasking I always tell people its almost like PD can sense when you are not paying attention and sheet bomb your account with reds this happened to me so much I do ever move from my cpu and those high risk strats you simply cannot move lol 300 frenchmen cant be wrong. Stay focused always
  12. Price : 7320 Loving all the love in the PD community its always an scent of fresh air when I come on here and read these posts and comments some have me laughing so much and then some make you feel so warm inside good luck on the rolls @3mily GOOD LUCK ON YOUR ROLLS PD:axchris
  13. Thank god I am not to late for this THANKKKSSS and good luck @abbas50 Good luck in all your rolls bro axchris
  14. = Hey @Pitbully Congrats that is awesome xD. Well I will start the dice rolling by asking to share some starts with that one man most I won was .1 in a week then buss .05 trying new high strategies lol Thanks for any tips on strats in advance axchris
  15. = @Juniorokogun HAILLL FRIEND Hope your good I'm an architect and I'm going to steal giddy from you lol Good luck in your rolls bro lol axchris
  16. = Rip for that red zone well what we all can take away from this is now we are hopefully on the same page and it won't happen in the future I would hope Roll safe peeps @Zoltan I see many get warned and alot see what to do and not to some just go for that 9990x Mods are pretty quick to warn and act on rules people they aren't complex or unreasonable rules peeps just Roll and chat and be happy
  17. Hey all Came across this article found it interesting lol the big argument all the time BITCOIN the bubble lol "Just hours before two audience members urged viewers to "Buy Bitcoin" during Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's testimony Wednesday, banking giant Morgan Stanley released a decidedly less glowing recommendation of the cryptocurrency......" We will see in time. In the meantime good luck on the rolls peeps http://fortune.com/2017/07/12/buy-bitcoin-morgan-stanley-cryptocurrency/ Don't miss that video as well Funny stuff lol hotdog men will soon sell with !btc axchris
  18. = Thanks will try this for sure
  19. = 1000000X thanks @toohoola That gives me a good gauge thanks ANDDDD the best of luck to you on all your rolls
  20. So today was the experience of my life on PD, thought I would go ahead after a few 100 attempts reminds me of 99x trying to create my 2fa security and I went to support after some suggestions still nothing. Created a new profile to check to see if it works nothing. I decided to ask one of my new found friends on PD M WolfBain, he gave me some suggestions one of which worked and that was to type out the code, instead of taking the image of the code. I got it done FINALLY :). However that was at work all was going fine now I came home and tried to login it gave me an error a few times now it is saying too many attempts to login. Does anyone by chance know the approximate time of the time outs to try to sign back in or if this problem should continue any suggestions to solve this issue. I have seen other members talking about some of these issues. In it all I still LOVE pd I just would love to be ROLLING ! Thanks to all for the support so far and in advance axchris
  21. In this new world of cryptocurrency alot of people are not to sure where it will all end up will it completely replace FIAT how much time till this happens. Will it happen, how will it all go down. Where will it all go down lol many questions we ask each day but with snippets of information from all sources. We can guage the direction of btc and for me it will take over FIAT the real question is just when
  22. The follow is a group which I am familiar with and they always give informative information daily here is a good read I have come to share with all. Have a good read feedback is always welcome on the diverse topics mentioned within these articles axchris CryptoSpeculation_NewsLetter.pdf
  23. fair opinion I accept all sides of the dice lol I would also never try to put myself into your experience and say my way is the gospel lol Have good rolls axchris
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    = Well I not sure but I lent 500k to him got it back in a few mins. I leff my cpu station and came back seeing he was hunting all over for me on pd forum pd chat etc to ask for some more at that point I got a fucked up feeling about it all as I am only a few weeks old to PRIMEDICE and decided to nicely decline the offer. More is not always as much as what you have we all need to remember this I will not worry to say it is wrong for anyone to be upset because its your money but I will say don't do anything you will regret for a few dollars peeps. axchris
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    = I remember my first moment I was so excited for my first entry into Highrollers, it was such an amazing feeling I forgot to screen shoot it but I did save the bet Id and winnings praise the lord I will frame that and put it up on the wall 0.02.......bet 780k profit amazing feeling bro good luck in the rolls to come @gwapoman