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  1. Username: maat Joined date: 12.12.2014
  2. Reverse martingale will be good when we have only small amount of money. Hence when 10 greens at a row came we won't regret.
  3. username : maat #96 Bet:18021068212 Bet:18022951411 Bet:18023553374 Bet:18023812348 Bet:18025201543 Bet:18029431657 Bet:18056433845 Bet:18070303810 Bet:18071622797 Bet:18073329397
  4. I have a feeling that there will be a coin split. What I have to do now is to put together all of my bitcoin into my own wallet.
  5. Username : maat Date : 20.07.2017 05:00:00
  6. dice and sports betting especially at soccer's games are two type of games that I played most often.
  7. Username : maat Reason : This site have a nice community and there are a bunch of opportunity we can find in primedice.
  8. I already sold some of my bitcoin cause I don't want to waste this awesome increase and will buy again if the price move down to around 1500 usd. But it seems I need to wait a bit longer cause instead of move down, the price keep moving up recently.
  9. Username : maat I joined primedice on December, 12th, 2014. My best moment is when I am able to hit 9900x 3 times a week. I found a bunch of good people in primedice. There's one user who gave me 0.84 BTC tip that I can't forget till today . His name is : mamamia25. But unfortunately he seems not active again after that time.
  10. I have to sharpen my skills that I have long left behind. Photoshop here I go!
  11. Semua kemungkinan bisa saja terjadi. Terus-terang melihat harga bitcoin sekarang ini saya jadi sedikit menyesal. Kenapa tidak saya simpan saja semua bitcoin yang pernah saya dapatkan ketimbang mengkonversinya ke IDR. Saya sudah hunting bitcoin sejak harga bitcoin masih sekitar 400 USD.