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  1. I do not spend them in any store or trade, I try to acomulate them to have an additional income
  2. For me it is a source of additional income in my country the economy does not serve at all (policy issues). I currently work and I only earn about $ 4 per month with this I have to survive. I have tried to dedicate more time to primedice but my work schedule does not allow it I am very pleased with Caroll because she was the one who inpulsed me and taught me this way of generating an additional income. I have not achieved much in 5 months I think I have reached $ 80 but it has been difficult
  3. I am from Venezuela here all the foreign currency is free trade prohibited, there are two exchange rates one that is administered by the government where only your clique benefits, the other that is super high that they call Black Dolar but the latter is for which is handled all operation clandestinely but is where the value is fixed. The market here is like that for every $ 1 of form to receive, you receive 700.00 Bs (Local Currency) In the Black market for every $ 1 you receive 84,000.00 bs at this moment. (Local Currency) It smells like a scam but the legal currency the state does not sell it. Well with the above, there will always be a parallel market that offers to mobilize your currency for a certain commission, the only thing is to see how viable it is. Venezuela in this moment SUX
  4. Although my work schedule collides with him, I'll see if at some point I get it
  5. Nice Giveaway Username: Goldosexy Thks
  6. hay mas latino que españoles hasta el momento no he visto al primero pero bueno quizás esta modo ninja
  7. Interesting Caroll what one learns to be missing a while
  8. me aprovecho de Venezuela
  9. es mejor esperar a que el mercado se estabilice y puedas ver si perdiste o recuperas algo. que pasa si el dia siguiente sube llorarías igual
  10. That native artists in your country have hits right now. I'm from Venezuela and my count is ... Nacho- Bailame or Dance me Rawayana High Feat Guaco - Tears no more Caramelos de Cianuro - The moment passed
  11. I'm not that popular buuu just 2, in a month
  12. GoldoSexy


    Hello welcon to play enjoy
  13. Por https://www.twitch.tv/ carolo le debe comenzar en unos minutos
  14. OMFG You must be wallowing in anger
  15. El unico que me gusto fue el de Estopa