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  1. we could do that actualy!
  2. ur let me think about that,,,, get a job to buy a fridge i would say lol
  3. i prefer to use satoshi however talking big money i would prefer to see my balance as mBTC
  4. 0.01btc to 1 btc a day - every day on auto pilot? can this be achieved with such small banroll? lets see what methods you can all come up with.
  5. yeah just create abank account in PD is best option
  6. im thinking double after them loss amount to recover whats already been spent? does this make sense?
  7. would just like to say thanks for this great incentive for the forum and pay per post.... <3 PD 4ever
  8. i started this method with 10k satoshi, and a base bet of 64 sats then used these settings 12x win chance , double every 8th losses x3 (24 losses) then double every 6 losses. can i ask your opinion on this method? its worked well for me and also failed me, could this method be a winner?