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  1. Hey guys 

    I notices that there a lot of people here who don't pay back the loans they got from other players 

    So , I suggest to create a lon command insted of tipping with a final date and returning ammount ...

    The people who borrow won't be able to withdraw or tip or loan others players before paying back their loan 

    I think this idea will limit this phenomenon xD

    what do u think ?

  2. 3 minutes ago, ovelord1995 said:

    I am using a 99.83% win chance auto-bet and i think it's pretty effective since even if you loose let's say 10k you would have already won more money.

    Using 10K i bet on a 60% win chance starting with just 10 satoshis and put 200% increase on losses and a reset to base (which makes 7 bets before loosing and restarting the auto-bet ) . I made a good profit using this method and of course you can use it using bigger amounts. Good luck for you :D 

    Thanks bro 

    I made a good ammount of money using this method.

    A lot of people will say it s risky and u can get a lot of reds but this way will return u at least what u busted.

    Gl and happy hunting ❤