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  1. I understand that Thanks for the information I just gave my idea and will never give a loan here
  2. waaw bro that was a lot of courage and hard decisions to take enjoy ur winning <3
  3. skanderkrid


    I only tried the PD one and they re really fasy <3
  4. am having some problems out there. when I click stop autobet it blocks and does another one before stopping. Is that caused by my internet connection ( which works totally fine ) or the primedice server is overcrowded ?
  5. Yeah I always feel unconfortable with the kind of websites that give a huge seposit bonus
  6. I am going to read it tonight SEEMS interesting
  7. auto with some care like switching sides after a long green serie or stopping after a good win But auto no stop never wins
  8. Yeh I like that game Maybe creating another website which we can play in with pd money will be easier nice idea
  9. I am just proposing a suggestion to fix a problem a lot of users had and will have : Those scammers ....
  10. Well played bro ? U used a single strategy or what
  11. am going to try this method with 100k balance 40 base I ll update after x)) love ur ideas bro
  12. ever tried it i REALLY don't like low chance ones
  13. loved it KEEP POSTING ABOUT THAT <3
  14. Primedice is 100% fair It's just u gl for future
  15. pd : skanderkrid I am always connected gambling 24/24 and am really interested in ur games
  16. Gl All Username: skanderkrid date: 13.07.2017 14:31:20
  17. missed u yesterdaaay <3 good luck and nice stream like always
  18. I want to cash them out or play some poker hahah ... even though buying some goods from aliexpress is a really good idea
  19. I busted 100k with this method ... I feel really upset bro
  20. from faucet to 350 k and then busted all by like 15 consecutive reds ... :')