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  1. I think that the price will get down to 2000$ or less
  2. nice hits awesome i HOPE ur luck will stay like that
  3. No but u can configure number of bets to 1 in automated and roll only one
  4. manual with some prebets work really good for 3x
  5. that was too bad bro That's gambling
  6. we should never let the auto work alone and don't care about it ... But good luck bro for the future
  7. It'll maybe dump more but it won't get down to 1500$ ! maybe arround 2000$
  8. Playing risky and loosing makes us ragebet ... however we should stop it before busting
  9. I understand that Thanks for the information I just gave my idea and will never give a loan here
  10. waaw bro that was a lot of courage and hard decisions to take enjoy ur winning <3
  11. skanderkrid


    I only tried the PD one and they re really fasy <3
  12. am having some problems out there. when I click stop autobet it blocks and does another one before stopping. Is that caused by my internet connection ( which works totally fine ) or the primedice server is overcrowded ?
  13. Yeah I always feel unconfortable with the kind of websites that give a huge seposit bonus
  14. I am going to read it tonight SEEMS interesting
  15. auto with some care like switching sides after a long green serie or stopping after a good win But auto no stop never wins
  16. Yeh I like that game Maybe creating another website which we can play in with pd money will be easier nice idea
  17. I am just proposing a suggestion to fix a problem a lot of users had and will have : Those scammers ....
  18. Well played bro ? U used a single strategy or what