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  1. hey I started in primedice few weeks ago At first, I tried to start with faucet with risky methods earned some and then busted all After , I heard that forum is paying well so i came here to give a good content and get paied I had 400k from forum and 200k profit from bets waiting until i get up to 1M to withdraw the half I want to say thanks to pd community for heping a lot and making me have this fun <3
  2. skanderkrid


    never saw my name hope it will appear soon
  3. I hope u'll recover soon <3 gl for future
  4. maybe x1.5 with 200% on loose
  5. 2x payout suuuck Yep am like the same situation as u Easy money <3
  6. I had a lot of fun , met new friends and started like a small business <3
  7. NICE giveaways will keept it in mind while rolling
  8. I think that the price will get down to 2000$ or less
  9. nice hits awesome i HOPE ur luck will stay like that
  10. No but u can configure number of bets to 1 in automated and roll only one
  11. manual with some prebets work really good for 3x
  12. that was too bad bro That's gambling
  13. we should never let the auto work alone and don't care about it ... But good luck bro for the future
  14. It'll maybe dump more but it won't get down to 1500$ ! maybe arround 2000$
  15. Playing risky and loosing makes us ragebet ... however we should stop it before busting