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  1. 1 hour ago, Serlite said:

    Scammers are a problem, and historically PD's response to this is that it doesn't support loaning - after all, you can't get scammed if you never give out loans. When loans were still being openly done through chat, any time someone defaulted there would be a storm of scam accusations polluting chat, making it a really toxic and spammy environment. That's why you can still get muted if you try to arrange loans with people through PD chat.

    With the introduction of the forum, a loaning section was created...but still, PD's attitude is largely hands-off, with the exception of the more egregious scammers being banned. Unless they aim to alter their stance of in-chat loan discussions, I don't think it's likely that they'll implement functionality solely for facilitating loans.

    I understand that :D

    Thanks for the information I just gave my idea and will never give a loan here xD

  2. am having some problems out there.

    when I click stop autobet it blocks and does another one before stopping.

    Is that caused by my internet connection ( which works totally fine ) or the primedice server is overcrowded ?