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  1. People have no confidence right now in crypto They want to minimizr their losses by selling now cuz they re afraid of the future
  2. I didnt get in time :') Waiting next streams ❤
  3. Sorry I didnt like it x) I have my own strat which is working so far
  4. Start with 1s ? So small earnings
  5. Please tell us if u tried it
  6. This is the time for gambling bro Nobody can predict what will happen soon
  7. That s interesting I ll participate for sure x)
  8. I ll try it now and update Working for now Made first 30 k I did auto and manual* I ll update Busted after winning 35k ...
  9. Hopefully the price will increase next month
  10. Can u explain to me why everyone is speakin about august 1 ? What will happen there ?
  11. It depends on ur luck and may not work for several times
  12. I'll try to listen to users problems and try to solve them as ez as that