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  1. 5 hours ago, cryptsforum said:

    @skanderkrid 1 sat netted 300k, if i had more then i would have increased the percentage to 150% increase on loss. so again not bad return on investment :), try it out let me know how goes for you?

    Sorry I didnt like it x) 

    I have my own strat which is working so far xD

  2. 3 hours ago, Bes19 said:

    Nice. Slow profit but sure win! I will try this with .002 balance and we'll see if it works on small bankroll. Thanks for this sharing this strategy and hopefully it works with us. Good luck guys!

    Please tell us if u tried it 

  3. On 13/07/2017 at 12:28, maverick528 said:

    MrV, there is another solution, at least temporary.

    Even though I am not very popular at all here, I also get PMs requestiong satoshis, and friends requests from ppl that are not friends at all.

    I simply leave the friend requests waiting, I don´t reject them. While they are pending, the same user can not send you another friend request.

    It also helps me to remember the usernames of beggers/spammers.

    The only bad consequence is that your list of pending friend requests grows very big (in your case).

    Don´t worry, I am not gonna send u a friend request because my cat said that he will beat yours otherwise...9_9



    That s the best solution xD

  4. hey I started in primedice few weeks ago 

    At first, I tried to start with faucet with risky methods earned some and then busted all xD

    After , I heard that forum is paying well so i came here to give a good content and get paied xD

    I had 400k from forum and 200k profit from bets waiting until i get up to 1M to withdraw the half xD

    I want to say thanks to pd community for heping a lot and making me have this fun <3