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  1. The first times i got upset and stop gambling for days and then i go back to gamble and loose more ?
  2. More risk is more fun More luck is more wins
  3. How much balance to make it work ? I ll give it a shot
  4. It s all about the speed of the transaction u can use another website
  5. so nice and so luckyy wp sis keep it up
  6. IT's Hardware wallets and yep It's safe to use and really usefull for investments
  7. I love lottery things <3 I really like the idea
  8. I am a fan for the low ones and It was working for me. I think that is different for every person so play a lot and know what to focus
  9. I winned LIKE A good ammount 1M satoshis out of nothing and then lost it all :') I didnt play for some months and now am back
  10. Good luck in ur streams and have fun I'll follow ur next streams
  11. I think that the price of Bitcoin will always go high in long term U don't have to be a proffessional to know that
  12. they are just coincidences !! But if it works for yaa keep it up GL
  13. Congratz that was awesome my highest was just 700k can u share some of ur strat ?
  14. I hope U 'll recover good luck for the future
  15. People have no confidence right now in crypto They want to minimizr their losses by selling now cuz they re afraid of the future
  16. Sorry I didnt like it x) I have my own strat which is working so far
  17. Start with 1s ? So small earnings