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  1. thanks. I m going to watch it now
  2. That's really risky. U really had the chancee x) I advise you to not do that again or at least play it with more in your bank account
  3. although a lot of governments and websites are neglecting the ICOs, fiat is trying to market itself to more and more countries and peoples and this factor will help develop cryptocurrencies and increasing its market cap.
  4. I used eth and btc and for me eth is the future and the small fees are a factor in its development
  5. I lost my 0.7 M in an 70% all in 😢 but whatever we learn from our mistakes. And PD community is so much fun by alternating between wins and loses. Hope all the good for u in the future
  6. I would invest some in new icos and markets and buy a car ❤️
  7. I think that bitcoin will always be number 1 and if it drops all the icos and cryptocurrency market will drop too
  8. So do you have an idea on how to make one ?
  9. Hey guys, I need to know if creating a personalized script legal on PD If yes what is the easiest method to do so cuz I was looking and didn't understand how they actually work. And thanks
  10. thanks bro I really needed it I play often at night without any lights and t helped me see better xD
  11. I think it'll be something arround 7k. I don't recommend to invest in this time specially it's summer and summer isn't that good with cryptos
  12. Everybody hopes gambling is like that Actually, it's a lot harder and that makes it even more fun. We will all bust a lot and win a lot and the effort between that is really worth the shot.
  13. never played under 99x. I really think it's just used to increase wagering amounts
  14. NO amout wil get me to quit. Actually, gambling is fun and can be even called a life style. Human are greedy so the more u win the more u will want to play Hope this helped ya
  15. Heeeey I really missed you oleg I was kind of focusing on studies and now am back and am really happy to watch you again
  16. Invest some in ICO's and buy a car and house and all. And even u can start ur own business
  17. Ithink it's all about the house edge, community, and reputation. But maybe u got some luck in someplaces rather than others. Just enjoy it <3
  18. don't push it too much IF U stopped after and played safe shit u'd have a lot now
  19. I started playing in mars 2017 played for 3 months , left for 1 month and back in june , then stopped in august after a bust NOW AM BACK with a new confidence in my luck
  20. my country's community is against all kind of gambling so am here and I won't tell my family but I will tell my friends to comee
  21. yeaah bro well played I just don't suggest to make it higher payout t may become so unlucky and bust gl anyways