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  1. I think it'll be something arround 7k. I don't recommend to invest in this time specially it's summer and summer isn't that good with cryptos
  2. Everybody hopes gambling is like that Actually, it's a lot harder and that makes it even more fun. We will all bust a lot and win a lot and the effort between that is really worth the shot.
  3. never played under 99x. I really think it's just used to increase wagering amounts
  4. NO amout wil get me to quit. Actually, gambling is fun and can be even called a life style. Human are greedy so the more u win the more u will want to play Hope this helped ya
  5. Heeeey I really missed you oleg I was kind of focusing on studies and now am back and am really happy to watch you again
  6. Invest some in ICO's and buy a car and house and all. And even u can start ur own business
  7. Ithink it's all about the house edge, community, and reputation. But maybe u got some luck in someplaces rather than others. Just enjoy it <3
  8. don't push it too much IF U stopped after and played safe shit u'd have a lot now
  9. I started playing in mars 2017 played for 3 months , left for 1 month and back in june , then stopped in august after a bust NOW AM BACK with a new confidence in my luck
  10. my country's community is against all kind of gambling so am here and I won't tell my family but I will tell my friends to comee
  11. yeaah bro well played I just don't suggest to make it higher payout t may become so unlucky and bust gl anyways
  12. I think Primedice is a better gambling website and I like its communityy <3
  13. since mars 2017 I play months and quit for some time
  14. The first times i got upset and stop gambling for days and then i go back to gamble and loose more ?
  15. More risk is more fun More luck is more wins
  16. How much balance to make it work ? I ll give it a shot